Faith Vs Fear – Reason for Worshiping God

I would like to share the reason for selecting this topic. On Diwali evening, one of my relatives came to our house for giving Diwali wishes. Let me first explain the background of this relative of mine. He was a very successful businessman, due to some unfavourable conditions he lost all of this wealth and goodwill in the market so he decided to wind up his old business and started a new one. His family refused to give him any support (may be they have their own reasons, I can’t blame them). In short, he lost everything in a very small time. Back to my Diwali story, he came to our house and my mother asked him for dinner. His answer makes us a bit surprised, “No, I have to rush quickly. It’s getting late and I have to perform the Diwali Punjan at my shop”. Only thing came to mind, “He still has faith in God. A person who lost faith in relations, who lose all hopes of getting his old life back, have still faith in God..amazing”.

Among all creatures in the world, man is considered as the most selfish creature. It is the fact that can’t be denied. Nobody ever taught us how to use people for our benefit, but we learn it by ourself it’s a kind of inbuilt characteristic. If we came to know that, by breaking a coconut in a temple or tying a red cloth to a holy tree our wish will come true, one will do it with any kind of means. Suddenly, faith in God will arise and if that wish will not fulfill, faith will vanish.

Honestly, in India you will find more temples than schools. I understand our religious values, but the question is, “Do we need these many temples?” If a person is visiting temple regularly, he is pure?”. Few lines that often used by my elders when I stop them from fasting (as fasting is not for their health) “I used to do this fast from long time, if I stop doing it, god will become angry and something bad will happen” “You know when a lady from our neighbour stop doing it, her husband met with an accident” and so on… I believe in fasting, but my reasons are different. Please don’t mix fasting with hunger strike that was done to torture god, “If I will not get this, I will not have food”.

Visiting temples, fasting, reciting mantra are the best ways of getting peace of mind. These are the ways to connect to our inner self, to know who you are and to whom you belong to (your soul). If these things are performed with love, then one can get peace of mind and right direction in life, but if reason of worshiping God is terror or greed, then one will get disappointed only.

A Healthy Child Makes A Happy Home

The Parent’s soul lives in a child. If the child is smiling parents become satisfied. The fourth generation of my maternal family was started 3 years back when my cousin sister gave birth to my dearest niece “Janhavi” on “Dhanteras”. Our elders said that Goddess Laxmi has arrived at our home and my brother in law(Jiju) consider her as his lucky charm.

Janhvi is not very fond of food. After a lot of chasing games she eats food. My sister was very worried about her health as these are the growing years of a child, if she will not have proper diet, it will hamper her growth. Also, she is an active child, not stop for a single moment in the same place. So she drained quickly. We try to feed her by playing some games with her. My sister sometime start cartoon movie on the laptop and then try to feed her. She cooks her favorite dishes and try to make that dish tasty as well as healthy. But it is difficult to maintain both. It is very difficult to teach a child to ignore the taste as food is healthy, taste is important for them than anything else and if they are not in a good mood. Then it becomes impossible to feed them healthy food. They can’t force a child to eat something, it will give adverse result, what if the child will start vomiting. At the end they become helpless and give child whatever he demands. At least, child is eating something. Then most difficult problem arises for parents “How will their children get essential nutrients”.

My mother suggests my sister to give her Dabur Chyawanprash, which she used to give us when we were kids. A lot of diseases was spreading around our locality, but we were always untouched by it. My mother was also upset with our eating habits. So, she found this mid-way. These days as the level of pollution is increasing which in turn become root cause of many problem, it become necessary to give some extra element, which is there in Dabur Chyawanprash. If we ignore this problem in the early stage of life, it will become incurable disease in later life. Sometimes pollution’s side effects become visible after long time in form of allergic disease.  So, it is necessary for parents to be alert. Parent’s alertness can save there child from many problems.

Dabur Chyawanprash has increased our immunity power. It has anti-oxidant properties (contains amla) and helps strengthen your body’s internal defence mechanism – the immune system – thereby protecting you from day to day infections such as cough, cold etc. The natural product it contains help improving natural defence system of our body.

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Technological Upwas

Technological Upwas(fast), this title is discovered by my friend during our trip to Kolad which was organized by our company, 3 years back. This place is nearby Mumbai and famous for the resorts that conduct adventurous activities. There was no internet access and mobile signal available at this place. So my friend said that, “You know, we are doing ‘Technological Upwas’, completely disconnected from outer world no internet or mobile access”. I think he had used the perfect term because mobile and laptop become as essential element of life as food and water spending a day without them seems like fasting. We had spent the one and half day with nature and friends, doing lots of adventurous activities. It was a nice experience. These gadgets connect us with the world, but disconnected us with the people around us.

Some changes that I have observed these days :

  • All friends are sharing a table, but instead of direct interaction, they are talking with each other in whatsapp group.


  • You are trying to start a conversation with the friend sitting opposite to you, but he/she is busy in whatsapp chat and you feel ignored and embarrassed.


  • The friends, who called you every year on birthday/New Year/Diwali, now started wishing you on whatsapp or FB.
  • People have started sending their marriage invitation on FB.
  • You are getting updates of your best friend’s life from FB.


  • You have started feeling the shortage of time as all of it is wasted on FB or whatsapp. No time for pursuing hobbies.
  • You can’t concentrate on your work because your phone is continuously ringing (because of whatsapp or FB messages)

This list is never ending..

If I get the chance to stay away from my smart phone, I will be the happiest person as it will help me stay away from “Candy Crush Saga”, most addictive game and  time spend on it is totally wasted, the rest of the things I can manage. Like everything else electronic gadgets has its own pros and cons, but if things are getting more important than people, then it’s time to think about it.

This post is written for Indispire : experience about A 7 days experiment to stay away from all modern gadgets and apps like mobile, laptop-computers, internet, social networking, E-games and how you spent that time? with family? traveled? meditated, anything you experienced.#7dayexperiment


To Write Is To Live Forever

It is said that writing has the power to bring the changes. It is the weapon if properly used can change one’s life or nation’s fate. Here are some points about the power that writers have :

1.  Writers are immortal –  There is a quote about writing

              “To write is to live forever”

Everyone has to die one day and leave all the belongings on earth. It’s nice to collect new toys and buy the latest gadgets, but you can’t really take these with you to the grave. But people can be known through their words. We all admire William Shakespeare, although we never met him. God’s preaching is living forever on earth through Bhagvad Geeta.

2. No boundaries exists for writers – Writer does not follow any boundaries. We do not discriminate among writers while picking books and never say that he belongs to a certain community so I will not read this book or vice-versa , writers never say that this book does not belong to certain community and reader should not pick this. A true writer always wants to reach more and more people. Writing has become their religion.

3. Giving words to imagination – Writers conveys not only thoughts but their feelings to the audience. The writer gives words to the imagination, for example J.K Rowling has created a different world of magic. They share their imagination with us and portray it so well that we feel like part of it.

4. Writing can create revolution –  If conveyed properly, the ideas that keep stirring in our mind can create a revolution. Writing is the best way to share your thoughts. We all know how the newspaper has helped during the independence struggle. In several countries abroad, especially in the West, newspapers have power to make and break governments; but in India newspapers do not carry much weight.

If a writer uses their ability in proper direction they can create a revolution like story with proper message can teach people while entertaining them.

Impact Of Daily Soaps In Our Life

tangytuesdayEvening time 7.30 on the clock, mother starts the TV and voice of a young boy came from inside the room “Mom, please slow down the volume of the TV. I can’t bear the sound of that crap”. After half an hour mother is watching her favorite serial “Balika Vadhu” and suddenly the phone rang. Again, the voice of son came from inside room “Mom your call, someone wants to talk to you”. Mother’s reply,”I am watching my favourite serial. So, please tell him to call later”.

Now heated discussion starts between son and mother

Son – “Mom, how can you watch this crap so seriously ?”

Mother – “My evening time is free and I want to relax. So, what’s wrong with this?”

Son – “You want to relax by watching this mental trauma. How can you feel relaxed by seeing others weeping?”

Mother – “Everyone has their own definition of relaxation. So, please don’t interfere”

Son – “Okay. What can I say about this?”

Discussion over..

I can bet this argument will happen in most of the houses and obviously mother will win the argument. But the impact of the serial is not over,after watching serial ladies discuss the points why that character behaves like this. Once I was unknowingly involved in this discussion between my mother and aunty(mausi)

Location – Kitchen of my aunt’s home

Aunty (with serious expression)- Mausiji is coming from Bengal then I am sure everything will be fine.

Mother (with more serious expression)- Yes, Mausiji is very smart. She will solve the problem.

Me (with Surprised expression) – Which problem you both are talking about and you have an aunty in Bengal. You never told me ?

Mothern (now amused) – I don’t have any relative in Bengal. We are talking about the serial.

Me (with Shocked expression) – What??

Worst of all is some youngsters also like to watch daily soaps and this become a serious problem as these serials are addictive and their studies suffers due to this. The people who can stop them are already victim of this disease. They are not realizing that quality time which can they spend together is wasted in TV serials.

After all this only one question came to my mind.. WHY?  Why these serials are so much popular?

Here are some points that came to my mind :

1. Lack of options : No other options are available on television. Ekta Kapoor has discovered that weak point of Indian audience (especially women) and started a trend 14 years ago. Other production houses had followed her as this is the best formula of making money. Money has taken over the conscience and nobody cares that the concept is good or bad until
money is coming out of it. People get free time around 8 to 10 to watch. They start watching the serials available there.

2. Idealistic old values : I remember an article based on Ekta Kapoor’s serial when it was started only (13 years ago) saying that “Ekta has brought back our Indian Ideologies. Celebrating every single festival on her shows give it Indian touch.” This is the reason people belongs to rural areas also like these shows a lot. Bahus belongs to these serials are not working, wearing vermilion, heavy sarees and jewellery make it complete Indian daughter in law (DIL). People love these things in fact sometimes they want their DIL to behave in the same way.

3. The Myth that serials are based on social issues : When “Balika Vadhu” was started on Colours channel 6 years back, it got the breakthrough success because of the new concept. But after 2 years serial lost its concept and become a usual Saas bahu show. I don’t think that the rate of child marriages has gone down because of this serial or any kind of revolution was started. People watch these kinds of serials and forget it immediately. So, another money making theory of producers.

4. Different way of showing fairy tales : Poor girl getting married to rich boy, almost all serials follow this format. The poor peoples of these serials are so poor that they can’t even afford school/College fees and rich people are so rich that Ambani’s feel low in front of them.

The conclusion of this article is that you can’t change our elder’s mentality and there is no point of arguing with them. But the younger generation (our generation) can avoid this crap. This is not only waste of time, but it will ruin your intellect. Look outside your idiot box, India has reached to the mars and you will surely get the things worth to explore.


Wealth Of Tranquility


Good looks :

Recently I read an article in TOI “Good looks = not guilty”. This article tells how we judge people according to their looks. We have often supported to the good looking actors, even if they are the part of any criminal activity. There is one Hindi saying, which is also mentioned in TOI article :

“Pehle darshan dhari, phir gun vichari”

This saying fits in present scenarios, good looks (or good packaging) partially conceal the flaws. But this is the superficial way of winning hearts. If we talk about things, packaging will not work if the product is not good, quality always matter. The same way anyone can get the primary attention with the help of good looks  but to convert this attention to interest person should have qualities like honesty, kindheartedness..

Wealth :

If anyone says, “Money doesn’t matter” then either he is rich or he is lying or he came to know the real meaning of life (saint). We can’t deny the fact it is the one of the basic needs for life. But more money makes us more greedy, greed that is never ending. Until we lose something precious during this journey of getting more money like peace of mind, the company of loved ones or health, we never stop chasing it. The moment we feel this chase is worthless, we get the real wealth of tranquility.

This post is written for Indispire : Why is the world so focused on physical assets- bank-balance, material-possessions, external beauty/body/cleavage…? What’s the value of good thoughts, clear heart, inner beauty & values like honesty, discipline etc. today? What is important to you?#TreasuredAssets

My Experience With Spirits !!!!


I had tried planchit during my college days when I was living in the hostel. Honestly, I was a bit scared, but more excited as I always want to do this. We have put the alphabets A-Z and numbers on paper. We have drawn a circle in which a coin is placed and other two circles with “Yes” and “No”. We have decided to call the spirit of an unknown person.

The girl who has expertise on this, instructed us to put a finger on the coin and not to remove it until the completion of plancit.
As she began the process of calling the soul. My anxiety increased and lots of questions coming across my mind.. what if soul
refuses to go? I should not do this. But its late to think about it. I have to face the consequences of my action. Suddenly I feel a force on my finger and I realized that soul has arrived. We started asking questions. It was soul of male who died in an accident. We have asked few question about our future. To my surprise, soul is replying the same answer that we were thinking at that time. Then, the line said by the girl (who has experience about it) came to mind that souls can’t predict actual future they will say what you were thinking at that time( I am not sure whether it’s true or not). After half an hour we had send him back and thankfully, he went back without any problem. After all this, I realized that we have actually
put our life in danger. What will happen if anything goes wrong, it was not at all a sensible act to annoy the element of different world just for fun. I had decided not to be part of this kind of act in future.

This post is written for Indispire : Do you have a Ghost Experience? Do you wanna share it? Well now is the time 🙂 #ShareYourGhostStory