A Healthy Child Makes A Happy Home

The Parent’s soul lives in a child. If the child is smiling parents become satisfied. The fourth generation of my maternal family was started 3 years back when my cousin sister gave birth to my dearest niece “Janhavi” on “Dhanteras”. Our elders said that Goddess Laxmi has arrived at our home and my brother in law(Jiju) consider her as his lucky charm.

Janhvi is not very fond of food. After a lot of chasing games she eats food. My sister was very worried about her health as these are the growing years of a child, if she will not have proper diet, it will hamper her growth. Also, she is an active child, not stop for a single moment in the same place. So she drained quickly. We try to feed her by playing some games with her. My sister sometime start cartoon movie on the laptop and then try to feed her. She cooks her favorite dishes and try to make that dish tasty as well as healthy. But it is difficult to maintain both. It is very difficult to teach a child to ignore the taste as food is healthy, taste is important for them than anything else and if they are not in a good mood. Then it becomes impossible to feed them healthy food. They can’t force a child to eat something, it will give adverse result, what if the child will start vomiting. At the end they become helpless and give child whatever he demands. At least, child is eating something. Then most difficult problem arises for parents “How will their children get essential nutrients”.

My mother suggests my sister to give her Dabur Chyawanprash, which she used to give us when we were kids. A lot of diseases was spreading around our locality, but we were always untouched by it. My mother was also upset with our eating habits. So, she found this mid-way. These days as the level of pollution is increasing which in turn become root cause of many problem, it become necessary to give some extra element, which is there in Dabur Chyawanprash. If we ignore this problem in the early stage of life, it will become incurable disease in later life. Sometimes pollution’s side effects become visible after long time in form of allergic disease.  So, it is necessary for parents to be alert. Parent’s alertness can save there child from many problems.

Dabur Chyawanprash has increased our immunity power. It has anti-oxidant properties (contains amla) and helps strengthen your body’s internal defence mechanism – the immune system – thereby protecting you from day to day infections such as cough, cold etc. The natural product it contains help improving natural defence system of our body.

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