Amy, my ex-roomie is a painter but she never got that kind of appreciation which she deserved. This broke her from inside.

When I met her few days ago after 2 years she was still struggling with same problems. I was sensing from her depressed tone that it is not good to leave her alone. I offered her to live with me for few days but she refused to do so.

Today I am calling her since morning and she is not answering, worried sick when I reached her home. She was dancing as her painting is selected for art exhibition.

Written for Friday Fictioners

Thanks Rochelle for hosting it.

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Luck by Chance

Luck by Chance is a movie featuring Farhan Akhtar and Kokana Sen. It is the first film of Zoya Akhtar (as a director). Current debate about struggles of an outsiders in bollywood reminds of this movie. This movie is a gem and depicts the bollywood correctly. It also talks about Nepotism which is ironic because main star cast and director belongs to film family.

The movie is about two characters Vikram and Sona who do not have any filmy background. As luck favours to Vikram, he quickly got the break in the big movie and forget about his struggling days girlfriend Sona who do not able to achieve anything big and forced to do Saas bahu serials on television.

Other characters of the movie are also very interesting like Rommy Rolly (played by Late Rishi Kapoor), producer of the movie who do not want to pay much to the newcomer as he is giving him big break, yesteryear heroine Neena Walia (Dimple Kapadia) whose daughter got the movie because of her name inspite of zero talent. Cameo role of Hrithik Roshan as Superstar Zaffar Khan gave a satirical effect which will make you laugh.

Another USP of the movie was music. Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy created magic and lyrics were also very good. Specially the lyrics of “sapno se bhare naina” will transport you to another world. I love these lines from this song :

“Door Hi Se Sagar Jise Har Koi Maane
Pani Hai Woh Ya Reth Hai Yeh Kaun Jaane
Jaise Ke Din Se Rain Alag Hai
Sukh Hai Alag Aur Chain Alag Hai
Per Yeh Jo Dekhe Woh Nain Alag Hai
Chain To Hai Apna Sukh Hai Paraye”

Everything we are noticing in debates these day you will find in this movie. A must watch.

Lesson learned from life

In the path of life, few incidents change our point of view towards life and we learn few lessons which shape our life that we are leading today. I am sharing these lessons with you in this post may be you will relate with them.

1. There are no free lunches – When someone is doing a favour to you there are higher chances that they are expecting something from you in return.

2. People always love smiling faces – Most people don’t care about your struggles and problems. Nobody like sad faces as they are facing challenges on daily basis too.

3. Respect your roots – These days I found people are more attracted to western culture (including me) but this doesn’t mean you start despising your own culture. Unfortunately it became a fashion symbol these days (which I highly condemned). In other words :

जो अपने देश का न हो पाया वह किसी का क्या होगा

No matter which country you are living in, even you are living in US from 20 years still people will call you an Indian, be proud of your nation you are representing us.

4. Self respect is most important in the world – If you will not believe in yourself who will? If anyone is doing injustice to you, it’s necessary to take stand for yourself. As Tulsidas has said :

आवत ही हरषै नहीं नैनन नहीं सनेह।

तुलसी तहां न जाइये कंचन बरसे मेह।।

5. Money is not most important thing in the world – Sometimes we don’t understand the value of satisfaction. Greed of money make us to follow the rat race.

The above mentioned points are not new to anyone, even a school going child know these things. But honestly, while I was writing this post some past memories are coming back to me reminding me how these principles became integral part of my life.

Nepotism or Favouritism

An actor committed suicide a month ago and left us with this debate of nepotism. I agree with Jamie lever on this topic, “it’s favouritism not nepotism”. The problem is Sushant singh was not Ranvir Singh, a people pleaser. A glib talker always get his way.

One month ago nobody cares about Sushant Singh but now everyone wants to talk about him only.  Someone said on twitter, “people are behaving like they lost a scientist to bollywood” which is very accurate in this situation. Now public hate same  star kids who were there favorite a while ago.  I still remember when Taimur ali khan was born, media was getting obsessed with his photographs. Same Sushant singh was  ignored by public when Sara ali khan shared screen with him.

Any person who is different from others is always treated poorly. As they say “odd man out”. If people don’t understand your thoughts they can’t get along with you. You become alien for them.

The problem of favouritism exists everywhere, in every field, just do as they say and you will be there favourite then every door is open for you. You will get all the opportunities. Talent is not the only thing needed for steady growth, in fact sometimes in some fields it is last thing you need for success. Maintaining relationships is one of the important aspect to achieve anything in life as human is a social animal.

At the end, I will say that bashing Karan Johar will not change anything, may be he is biased but some people forget one thing he introduced Siddharth Malhotra (non filmy background) and Alia Bhatt from same film.

Jane Eyre

In my opinion this book is far much better than those Jane Austen’s novel. Jane Eyre novel was much ahead of its time. It is not a love story but journey of a girl.

I like the character of Jane, her boldness is really admirable. You feel connected to this character which is very rare in case of classics. She is plain (as writer describe her in book) not heavenly beautiful just like any ordinary girl. She is strong woman and fight for her rights, unlike ordinary women of that time (in old days it was considered as bad manners when a girl take a stand for herself). Mr. Rochester’s character portrayed differently.  As described in wiki he is a Byronic hero, a bit self centred.

I feel some part of the book is hard to understand and few paragraphs are bit descriptive apart from this everything in this book is exceptional.