Reading during lockdown

Lockdown 4.0 is on his way. During these days staying positive is difficult to manage. Reading is the best way to escape from reality. I am sharing list of my favourite books which may help them who are looking for book recommendations.

1. And then there were none

Genre – Thriller, Mystery

Agatha Christie’s books need no recommendation but if you are looking for best among her books this is the one. Incredible story line keep you on the edge till end.

2. Tuesdays with Morrie

Genre – Memoirs, philosophical

It is story of a man who is living last days of his life Morrie, the mentor of the author Mitch Albom. On his weekly Tuesday meeting with Morrie, he shared few life lessons with Mitch.

3. The White Tiger

Genre – Social

The complete book review can be found here

4. The Count of Monte Cristo

Genre – Adventure

This historical novel is written by french writer Alexandre Dumas. First published in 1844. It is the story of Edmond Dante taking revenge in a very innovative way. The story line is very captivating. It hold interest till end.

5. Godaan

Genre – Hindi Classic, Social

Written by our own Munshi Premchand. This book is close to my heart. Complete review here

6. Five people you meet in heaven

Genre – Philosophical Fiction

Another Mitch Albom book, I can’t resist to add this book on the list. It is the story of Eddie who died in the accident and reached to heaven, there he met with five people. These five people were responsible for major turn of events during his life on earth.

#QuarantineCooking – Dry fruits Vanilla Cake

We are in the mid of corona disease pandemic and it is suggested by govt to keep ourself in self quarantine.

It become necessary to keep ourself busy these days to avoid all negative feelings. Now it’s a time for self exploration. People are doing different sort of things like painting, cleaning, all sorts of cooking etc. These days quarantine cooking term is trending. Well, I have also tried few new dishes. Here I am sharing a pic of experiment done in my kitchen on the occasion of my husband’s birthday.


Dry fruits Vanilla Cake