Fish in Troubled Waters

The fisherman who has discovered this saying would be an HR or a politician or belongs to the top management of MNC. These people exactly know how to take benefits from other people’s problem, perhaps some exception will be there but till now I didn’t meet any of them. Well I know, this is the human tendency we all take the advantage of situations, but some people cross the limits.

I tried to find its origin, Fishermen believes that it is easy to catch fish when the water is “troubled” or rough. Some believe that the fish come to the surface at this time and therefore it is easier to catch them. This fish like situation happens with us also there are certain people around us who earns their livelihood by taking advantages of other person’s problem. I think they forget one thing “People always remember two kinds of people in life, first who helped them in difficult times and second who has not helped them (or taken advantage of the situation) in bad times. So, please understand one thing life always completes the circle if you are doing something wrong today, then be prepared in future may be you have to face something similar.