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Signing Off

Why I am leaving this city? She asked herself several times. There is no perfect answer.

Few years ago, everything was different, this place feels like a home. All of her friends were here. They all are gone now.

Is this the only reason?

No. I have to go because he is gone. This city remind of him and I can’t tolerate this anymore.

P.S. – This story is completely fictional any resemblance will be completely coincidence.

Photo Prompt © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

This post is written for Friday fictioneers

Father’s day

Mr. Sharma was bit depressed and angry. His son has not come to meet him from 10 days. Mrs. Sharma was getting habitual with the fact but Mr. Sharma was not able to swallow the bitter pill that his son is now living separately.

He was so eager to meet him that he bump on every sound of gate. Someone is at the door but he was not getting up to open it. He don’t want to be disappointed again but this time his son Tarun actually came.

Tarun – “Happy Father’s day Dad.”

Mr. Sharma – “I don’t want to talk to you. Where have you been?

Tarun – “Sorry Dad, I was busy with work. The Office schedule was hectic this week.”

Mr. Sharma – “Oh! Now office is more important than your parents.”

Tarun – “You were never there for parents – teacher, my plays, sports day because of your office commitment. I learned from you that work is more important than family.

Mr. Sharma has not expected this reply. He was flabbergasted just looking intently to his son.

Tarun hugged him and gave the father’s day gift.


“It is a nightmare mom.” argued Shirley.

“But your father wants you to come. It will be our family time, I don’t understand your problem, we go camping every year.” replied mother

“I already told you that I don’t like camping. No decent toilets, horrible food. How can anyone liked it? Also, I want to spend the holidays with my friends.”

Mother decided not to force her.

Holidays started Shirley’s mom dad left for camping and her friends came to spend holidays with her.

One day while watching TV Shirley noticed her father’s car number was displaying. It was a car crash news. All the people present in the car died. She was numb.

The ordeal has begun, police called her to confirm the details and discuss the further procedure. The worst part was only she can remember now was the last conversation with her mother about camping.

The door bell rang, she opened the door. It was her mother alive, “Oh dear! Our car and mobile phone was stolen. Shirley hugged her mother tightly and sobbing with joy.

Photo credit Susan Spaulding

This post written for Sunday fiction

The Great Wall Story

It’s Sunday, David is excited as every Sunday he goes for a walk with his father in the evening. They explore new areas of the city. This Sunday they were planning to go rock garden.

Once they reached rock garden, David started running all around, accidentally he hit with a wall.

He looked at wall curiously and asked his father, “This wall is so huge and also triangular in shape. Is there any significance of this wall? Is this related to Egyptian Mummies?”

Photo Credit: Susan Spaulding

Father replied, “No, it is not related to anything. It is just a wall”

He asked same question again and again. At last his father get annoyed and created a story. He said, “Yes,  it is related to Egyptian mummies. Egyptian want there culture to be expanded. So they created a pyramid over here also.”

David replied, “Really?”

Father said, “No, I had just weave that story because you were annoying me”

David get a bit upset but then smiled and said, “Sorry Father”.

Then they both started laughing.

This post is written for “Sunday Photo Fiction”.

Word count – 176

Siblings Bond

Photo copyright – J Hardy Carroll

Little Tanya always wanted a little brother but now when he is here, she didn’t like him very much. He gets all the attention from parents.

On her 6th birthday party, while playing hide and seek with friends, she saw a boy troubling his little brother. She didn’t like it and in fit of rage she pushed the boy. Parent punished her for this behavior but she was feeling good because the feeling of jealousy is gone now she understands the love for her brother.

Word count – 84

This is a effort to write story based on photo. Part of Friday Fictioneers, other posts can be found here