Impact Of Daily Soaps In Our Life

tangytuesdayEvening time 7.30 on the clock, mother starts the TV and voice of a young boy came from inside the room “Mom, please slow down the volume of the TV. I can’t bear the sound of that crap”. After half an hour mother is watching her favorite serial “Balika Vadhu” and suddenly the phone rang. Again, the voice of son came from inside room “Mom your call, someone wants to talk to you”. Mother’s reply,”I am watching my favourite serial. So, please tell him to call later”.

Now heated discussion starts between son and mother

Son – “Mom, how can you watch this crap so seriously ?”

Mother – “My evening time is free and I want to relax. So, what’s wrong with this?”

Son – “You want to relax by watching this mental trauma. How can you feel relaxed by seeing others weeping?”

Mother – “Everyone has their own definition of relaxation. So, please don’t interfere”

Son – “Okay. What can I say about this?”

Discussion over..

I can bet this argument will happen in most of the houses and obviously mother will win the argument. But the impact of the serial is not over,after watching serial ladies discuss the points why that character behaves like this. Once I was unknowingly involved in this discussion between my mother and aunty(mausi)

Location – Kitchen of my aunt’s home

Aunty (with serious expression)- Mausiji is coming from Bengal then I am sure everything will be fine.

Mother (with more serious expression)- Yes, Mausiji is very smart. She will solve the problem.

Me (with Surprised expression) – Which problem you both are talking about and you have an aunty in Bengal. You never told me ?

Mothern (now amused) – I don’t have any relative in Bengal. We are talking about the serial.

Me (with Shocked expression) – What??

Worst of all is some youngsters also like to watch daily soaps and this become a serious problem as these serials are addictive and their studies suffers due to this. The people who can stop them are already victim of this disease. They are not realizing that quality time which can they spend together is wasted in TV serials.

After all this only one question came to my mind.. WHY?  Why these serials are so much popular?

Here are some points that came to my mind :

1. Lack of options : No other options are available on television. Ekta Kapoor has discovered that weak point of Indian audience (especially women) and started a trend 14 years ago. Other production houses had followed her as this is the best formula of making money. Money has taken over the conscience and nobody cares that the concept is good or bad until
money is coming out of it. People get free time around 8 to 10 to watch. They start watching the serials available there.

2. Idealistic old values : I remember an article based on Ekta Kapoor’s serial when it was started only (13 years ago) saying that “Ekta has brought back our Indian Ideologies. Celebrating every single festival on her shows give it Indian touch.” This is the reason people belongs to rural areas also like these shows a lot. Bahus belongs to these serials are not working, wearing vermilion, heavy sarees and jewellery make it complete Indian daughter in law (DIL). People love these things in fact sometimes they want their DIL to behave in the same way.

3. The Myth that serials are based on social issues : When “Balika Vadhu” was started on Colours channel 6 years back, it got the breakthrough success because of the new concept. But after 2 years serial lost its concept and become a usual Saas bahu show. I don’t think that the rate of child marriages has gone down because of this serial or any kind of revolution was started. People watch these kinds of serials and forget it immediately. So, another money making theory of producers.

4. Different way of showing fairy tales : Poor girl getting married to rich boy, almost all serials follow this format. The poor peoples of these serials are so poor that they can’t even afford school/College fees and rich people are so rich that Ambani’s feel low in front of them.

The conclusion of this article is that you can’t change our elder’s mentality and there is no point of arguing with them. But the younger generation (our generation) can avoid this crap. This is not only waste of time, but it will ruin your intellect. Look outside your idiot box, India has reached to the mars and you will surely get the things worth to explore.


11 thoughts on “Impact Of Daily Soaps In Our Life”

  1. Good and balanced analysis! One more point: some soaps are about wealthy families. People watching these soaps are thrilled that they are getting an inside view of the super-rich!
    I’ve had a few experiences similar to your “Mausiji is coming from Bengal” incident. These experiences made me realise that, after a stage, people switch from ‘watching’ these soaps to actually ‘living’ them.

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