Technological Upwas

Technological Upwas(fast), this title is discovered by my friend during our trip to Kolad which was organized by our company, 3 years back. This place is nearby Mumbai and famous for the resorts that conduct adventurous activities. There was no internet access and mobile signal available at this place. So my friend said that, “You know, we are doing ‘Technological Upwas’, completely disconnected from outer world no internet or mobile access”. I think he had used the perfect term because mobile and laptop become as essential element of life as food and water spending a day without them seems like fasting. We had spent the one and half day with nature and friends, doing lots of adventurous activities. It was a nice experience. These gadgets connect us with the world, but disconnected us with the people around us.

Some changes that I have observed these days :

  • All friends are sharing a table, but instead of direct interaction, they are talking with each other in whatsapp group.


  • You are trying to start a conversation with the friend sitting opposite to you, but he/she is busy in whatsapp chat and you feel ignored and embarrassed.


  • The friends, who called you every year on birthday/New Year/Diwali, now started wishing you on whatsapp or FB.
  • People have started sending their marriage invitation on FB.
  • You are getting updates of your best friend’s life from FB.


  • You have started feeling the shortage of time as all of it is wasted on FB or whatsapp. No time for pursuing hobbies.
  • You can’t concentrate on your work because your phone is continuously ringing (because of whatsapp or FB messages)

This list is never ending..

If I get the chance to stay away from my smart phone, I will be the happiest person as it will help me stay away from “Candy Crush Saga”, most addictive game and  time spend on it is totally wasted, the rest of the things I can manage. Like everything else electronic gadgets has its own pros and cons, but if things are getting more important than people, then it’s time to think about it.

This post is written for Indispire : experience about A 7 days experiment to stay away from all modern gadgets and apps like mobile, laptop-computers, internet, social networking, E-games and how you spent that time? with family? traveled? meditated, anything you experienced.#7dayexperiment



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