World Environment Day

Today is World’s Environment day. It is started by United Nation in 1972. They started it to spread the awareness about environment conservation. It’s been 48 years now but situation is not improved as expected. If we ask why? One can provide several excuses like Govt is not strict enough, population problem, industrialization etc. But we all know what the answer is, basically human are selfish and greedy. We do not care enough until it is very necessary or in other words it become question of our survival.

Few days, due to lockdown human were away from nature and things started coming on track. Pollution levels started coming down, river started cleaning itself, animals were safe again. It proves that we are the only reason for destruction of this planet. Are we going to learn anything from this experience? I am not sure.

We can being some basic changes in our lifestyle which will help environment a lot like :

1. Avoid using plastic bags. We can carry our own bag.
2. Cut down energy uses. Turn off fan/light when not required.
3. Avoid non veg, atleast once in a week.
4. Avoid wasting water during washing dishes or clothes.
5. Recycle/Reuse old items.