I was always used to think, is it really true that everything is written somewhere? Many times it happens with me that whenever I achieve something people used to say, “You are lucky” with one sentence they completely ignore all my hard work, it really hurts, but I also used to think what if I was not in the right place at the right time. So maybe they are not completely wrong. When I got failed to achieve something and negative thoughts like “Why it always happens with me?” came to mind, my mother calms down me by reciting the famous shloka from Bhagavad Gita:

Karmanye Vadhikaraste, Ma phaleshou kada chana
Ma Karma Phala Hetur Bhurmatey Sangostva Akarmani

Meaning – You have the right to perform your actions,but you are not entitled to the fruits of the actions.Do not let the fruit be the purpose of your actions, and therefore you won’t be attached to not doing your duty.

Honestly, I never understand the real meaning of this shloka. I used to think, fruits are the motivation for any action how can a person doesn’t think about it. But now I came to know what exactly it means, a person can get real satisfaction and pleasure only when he will do the work without thinking about results. Results makes us conscious or we can say it makes us fearful. But it’s true nobody has control over the results, then who has control over it.. destiny??

Lord krishna said in Geeta that it is true that destiny exists and person get results according to his destiny, but we misunderstood the meaning of the same. We decide our destiny by choosing right or wrong way. It is beautifully shown in below video part of Ramanand Sagar’s Shri Krishna.

The Charity That Gives Empowerment

When I was a child, whenever I see a child begging it feels really bad. At that time first thought came to my mind is “he is of the same age as me, then why he is begging and not going to the school. Don’t he has parents who scold him? May be not, that’s why he is begging.. I will surely do something for such kind of children when I will be capable enough”. But when I became capable enough I didn’t get the time to think about them. Usually I donate money to NGO or give some pen, pencil, sweets to the children living in the NGO.

Sometimes I used to think that it is not enough to do this? but then the second thought came to my mind is what else anyone can do? We can’t interfere with any organization(NGO) work. We can only give suggestion to them, but can’t force to implement it. Then these words came to my mind “Shiksha se bada dan koi nahi hota”(Education is the best charity).The person who is teaching to an underprivileged is doing the best charity. As education gives the power of analyzing the things. There are few organizations working for this noble cause. The people linked to these organizations spare one hour from their daily routine to teach the children who can’t afford education. Currently, I have not started working for such kind of organization but surely I will do it very soon.

Most Inspiring Bollywood Movies

There are certain movies we want to watch again and again. These movies not only entertain us, but also motivates us. Movies that you always want to be there in the laptop.Whenever you feel low, these movies will help to feel better. Here is the list of movies that inspires me :

1. Oh My God – I have actually started crying at the end of this movie (I know this is a bit different reaction) reason for the same is my circumstance during that time. During that duration of my life I was always complaining to god.. Why this is happening to me? I used to do lots of fasting and all stuff that usually people do to flatter god. This movie works as an eye opener for me. For the first in my life, I feel love for the god instead of fear.

Favourite Dialogue – Although most of the dialogues in the movie are good but my favourite dialogue is last one Mithun Chakraborty to Paresh Rawal “yeh aastha, shraddha afeem ke nashe ki tarah hai kanji. Ek baar lat lag gayi na, aasani se nahi choot-ti. Yeh jo aap log dekh rahe ho na they are not god loving people, they are god fearing people. Aaj nahi to kal yeh Kahin phir se ashram mein na dikh jaayen.. Nirbhaya Bhav”


2. Swades – We, the people – I will never forget the first review about this movie that I got from my cousin’s friend, “What a bore movie, I can’t bear it till interval”. From then onwards, I have stopped relying on movie reviews, after all every person has a different perception. This movie simply talks about power that common man have, but people never realize it. Today’s people will prefer to go abroad and settle there only, as they don’t feel it’s their responsibility to provide service to their own country. Through this movie, director tries to portray the increasing brain drain problem in India. Great direction, nice actors and magic of A.R.Rehman music make this movie perfect watch.

Favourite Dialogue – “Apni chaukhat ka diya … giving light to neighbor’s house”

3. Chak De India – One line will define this movie “Willpower can make impossible things possible”. This movie will give you a feel of patriotism. Being a woman, I find it very inspiring. Still Indian mentality is not changed about women, not any sports get value other than cricket, the minority gets the treatment like outsiders, this movie tries to show these issues very nicely.

Favourite Dialogue – “Ye Mat Sochna Ki Tumhara Match In Solah Ladko Se Hai, Tumhara Match Har Us Bewcoof Se Hai, Jo Ye Bhul Gaya Hai Ki Agar Ladkiya Use Paida Kar Sakti Hai To Wo Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hai.”

Chak De India

4. Dor – The story revolves around two women, completely different from each other, born and brought with different ideologies. One is very strong, independent and always take her own life decision while others follow orthodox taboos and completely dependent on family for every decision of her life. Suddenly their life connect with each other when a tragic incident happens and everything gets changed. A very nice movie with the perfect ending.

Favourite Dialogue – “Mere saath ye aasan lafz mat jodo.mujhe zindagi mein kuch bhi aasani se nahi mila.Zamane se apna haq chinana sikha hai maine, Dekho main bhi tumhari tarah ek aurat hoon farak itna hai ki maine apne faisle karna khud sikha hai.. acha ya bura.. sahi ya galat..kyunki mujh mein apne faislo ka anjaam nibhane ki himaat hai”


5. Taare Zameen Par – This movie perfectly shows that how rat race is taking over our current education system. Parents expectations are stealing their kid’s childhood.Fews scenes of this movie are very touching, but my favourite one is when Ishaan’s dad comes to school for meeting Nikumbh(Aamir) and says that they are also worried about Ishaan and then Nikumbh told him about a story of Solomon island that how farmers used to curse dull trees day and night in order to make it die . This movie will force you to think that “Are we also becoming the part of this rat race?”. Exceptional work from Aamir Khan.

6. English Vinglish – This story is about a homemaker, who didn’t get respect from her daughter and husband because of her lacking in speaking English. The movie is about her struggle of conquering fear and journey to discover herself.

Favourite Dialogue – “Mard khana banaye toh kala hai … aurat banaye toh uska farz hai”

English Vinglish

7. Rang De Basanti – There are fewer movies that have created a revolution in India, RDB is one of them. A Candle light march against Jessica Lall murder case at New Delhi’s India gate is inspired by this movie. The USP of this movie is director try to link the freedom struggle movement to present scenario. We all know that our generation has no place for patriotism in life, Some of us treat 15th August as a national holiday.The movie shows some careless youths who don’t have any ambition in life and barely care for country turns into mature Indian citizens who try to fight against corruption and at last die for the country like martyrs.

Favourite Dialogue – “Zindagi jeene ke do hi tarike hote hai … ek jo ho raha hai hone do, bardaasht karte jao … ya phir zimmedari uthao usse badalneki”

Rang De Basanti

Not So Secret Wish List

List of desires (or Dreams) are never ending, if we fulfill one desire then another desire will flourish into our mind. But these dreams give meaning to our life, keeps us enthusiastic. A list of dreams that always motivates me :

1. My first wish starts with my junior school gyaan, our teacher told us that “Every person should plant at least 10 trees(not plants like rose) in life”. Unfortunately, I have planted only 2 trees till now, so I have to make this count up to 10 minimum. This is the best gift that we can give to our future generations. I also want to spread the awareness for the same.


2. I always want to share my views with others, that I am currently doing with the help of this blog. So, my next wish is to connect with more peoples through this blog and grow as a person.

3. Travel across the world (Starting with the Egypt) with my family.

4. To become self Employed.

5. To be a part of the NGO.

6. Have my own library.

7. To grow spiritually.

moh maya

8. Health is wealth, so I always want to be fit and fine.

9. Want to spend quality time with my friends and family.

10 Last but not the least I want to do Snorkeling.


The Books With Different Vision

There are books that tell a story. We read them, enjoy them and put them away, forgotten, in some shelf of the mind. But, once in a lifetime there comes a book that refuses to be forgotten, that stirs our mind and changes our thoughts forever. Here is a list of such kind of books that impacted my life :

1. Only Love is Real by Dr. Brian Wiess – When I picked this book, I had no clue about past life regression therapy. This book has changed my perception about life and relationships. It’s hard to believe in reincarnation theory, but this book has the power to change the mindset.


2. Harry Potter series by J.K.Rowling – A book list without a Harry Potter name is incomplete. I have started worshiping J.K Rowling for her wide imagination.She has created a different world of magic and while reading book we started living in that world.

harry potter

3. Death Perception by Victoria Laurie – This book is a psychic murder mystery. It is a Part of a Psychic eye series. The Writer is a professional psychic and wants to portray psychic as a normal person. If you love suspense thriller kind of stuff,you will love this book.

Death perception

4. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho– This book needs no introduction. Every line of this book can be used as an inspirational quote. A story of transformation purely masterpiece.


5. Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat – This book can turn a non reader to a reader(I have some live examples ;)). Best part of this book is its all character, they sound realistic you can easily connect with them. This novel shows the loopholes in our education system. I think this is the best novel of Chetan Bhagat till date.


6. A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks – This book will touch your heart. Beautiful book with loveable characters. You will surely start liking Jamie for her kind-heartedness and Landon for his true love for Jamie.

A walk to remember

7. I too had a Love Story by Ravinder Singh – Another heart touching love story and unfortunately true one.I bet that its ending can make anyone cry but still you will feel a positive. You will be touched by the writer’s honest words. This book is a Ravinder’s tribute to his true love.
I too had a love story
8. Wings of Fire by A.P.J Abdul Kalam – This book is a recommended by my teachers, truly inspirational. I have no words to describe it.

9. Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson – The best description I have ever read about the changes. This book helps us to deal with the changes. Most of us don’t like change but as we know changes are an important part of life so its better to face it.