HarishChandrachi Factory

Harish Chandra chi factory is a marathi movie. This movie is based on Dada Saheb Phalke’s life. He is the father of Indian Cinema. This movie was chosen as India’s official entry for the best foreign language at oscar.

The movie starts with Phalke saheb doing some magic tricks with his son after seeing a business man approaching him he ran and accidentally land into the film theatre where an English movie was screening. He was amazed by moving picture on the screen and decided to pursue further on this business. His photography background helped him to know the basics. For detail understanding he started visiting movie theatre daily. In the process, he temporary lost his eye sight and sold almost all of his belongings. People called him mad but he barely care about it.

DadaSaheb Phalke’s wife Saraswati supported him blindly. There are few scenes in movie where they tried to learn each others work in order to function smoothly as making a film can be a tedious process and need everyone’s contribution.

What I like about the movie most?

It’s simplicity and light humour is extraordinary. There are few scenes where Phalke sahab and his wife looked much ahead of his time and breaking typical Indian myth like :

1. He tried to convince the prostitutes to work in movie but they reject the offer by saying it will hamper their imag, then he tried to convince his wife to do the same role but she also denied because of work overload.

2. He told a male actor to shave his moustache because he was playing a woman in the movie but he was not convinced due to some ritual related to his father. He convinced actor’s father by thinking about greater good.

3. It was difficult to find the actor to play the character of Raja Harish Chandra’s son Rohit, as he will be died in the movie at the end. So, he decided to cast his own son for that role to break the myth and set example.

It is an amazing movie, very inspiring and a must watch. Unfortunately, main stream cinema never made a movie based on Dada Saheb Phalke. It seems like they sidelined his contribution who give them their livelihood.

The Death of Ivan Ilych

“The Death of Ivan Ilych” is short story by Leo Tolstoy, as mentioned in title it is the story of Ivan Ilych. He is a member of court of justice, leading a normal life. Story starts with the announcement of his death and people reactions towards it. Gradually it moves forward with the flashback of his life, starting with happy moments meeting his wife, getting good job then few challenges comes up and when everything was getting back on track suddenly fatal illness entered in his life.

What a great writer Leo Tolstoy is ! While reading the book I can feel everything going on Ivan’s life. I can feel the hatred towards his wife which is symbolic for his pain. You have those people present in your life who are suffering from these kind of pain, who can see their end but we never understand what is going on their mind. Ivan know he is dying. His wife and family trying to help him but he is not getting better, it make him irritable and difficult to bear. He is analysing his whole life and choosing the moments which make him really happy but it is becoming difficult as he find his perfectly happy life worthless. 

These lines touched my heart :
“Their daughter came in full evening dress, her fresh young flesh exposed strong, healthy, evidently in love and impatient with illness, suffering and death, because they interfered with her happiness.”

हिंदी दिवस

आप सभी को मेरी ओर से हिंदी दिवस की शुभकामनाएं। यह मेरा हिंदी भाषा मे पहला पोस्ट है इसलिए मेरी त्रुटियों को नजरअंदाज कीजिएगा। मेरी परवरिश मध्यप्रदेश मे हुई है तो बोल चाल मे तो हिंदी का उपयोग मैं बचपन से करती आ रही हूँ परन्तु अंग्रेज़ी माध्यम से पढाई होने की वजह से लिखने का उतना अभ्यास नहीं है।

अभी कुछ दिन पहले प्रधानमंत्री जी ने नई शिक्षा नीति की घोषणा की थी जिसके अनुसार माता पिता अपने बच्चों को प्राथमिक शिक्षा अपनी मातृभाषा मे दिलवा सकते है। यह एक बहुत अच्छा कदम है क्योंकि हम अपनी मातृभाषा भूलते जा रहे हैं । इसके कारण हमारा अपनी संस्कृति और साहित्य से भी विश्वास कम हो रहा है।

मैंने जब अपनी पहली नौकरी के लिए साक्षात्कार (interview) दिया था तब मेरी अंग्रेज़ी ज्ञान को ही प्राथमिकता दी गई थी। अब हमारे देश मे आई क्यू (IQ) इंग्लिश के ज्ञान से ही नापा जाता हैं। ऐसे मे सही प्रतिभा के आगे आना मुश्किल हो जाता है।

अंत मे मैं यही कहना चाहूंगी की हमारी भाषा को बढावा देना हमारा कर्तव्य हैं। अगर हम ही अपनी भाषा का तिरस्कार करेंगे तो वह लुप्त हो जाएगी और हमारे पास अपना कुछ नहीं रह जाएगा हम सिर्फ दुसरो कि परछाई बनकर रह जाएंगे।

Street Show

Since morning I was feeling dull. I decided to visit my favorite cafe.

Sudden roar of laughter stopped me. A guy dressed as a clown was doing some act on street. “This guy has some real talent”, some people discussing in hushed voice. Curiosity made me stay and watch the act.

After few minutes, I was feeling refreshed and in considerably better mood. I thought to congratulate him for the great street show but got stunned instead by hearing this conversation.

Standing in corner while talking to his daughter he said, “I think we will get the food today.”

Photo Credit © CEAyr

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Tina Fey’s Bossypants

Tina Fey is a big name in American Television industry. For the people who don’t know her she worked in ‘Saturday Night Live’ and created the show named 30 rock, writer of movie “Mean Girls”. This is one of those books where author’s name is printed in much bigger letter than book’s name (you know because she is so famous).

This is the most funny book I have ever read. Best thing is that she talked about feminism in most entertaining way which is like she said “it’s like Jessica Seinfeld puts spinach in kids brownies.” The chapter about her father is also good one, specially these lines :

“How can I give my daughter what Don Fey gave me? The gift of anxiety. The fear of getting in trouble. The knowledge that while you are loved, you are not above the law”

I love the word she created Teat Nazis. All the women suffered from breast feeding issues can surely relate with it.

She talked about her SNL days when she has done the impersonation of senator ‘Sarah Palin’ which is unknown to me because I know her from 30 rock. After reading this book I saw her Sarah Palin sketch which is commendable.

I like the book very much and will surely recommend it. When everything around us is emanating negative energy this book will bring smile to our faces.

I hate my curly hair – Book Review

“I hate my curly hair” is a illustrated book. It is a story of little girl with curly hair. Other kids from the school find her different (because of her hair) so they keep teasing her.

It is difficult for a small girl to maintain a strong curly hair, even combing them became tedious work. Her brother keep teasing calling her hair “noodles”.

Then an incident happened which changed her life. A bully came to the school and piled on the agony. During her struggle with the bully, she get to know the value for her hair and started loving them.

Kids will love this book for sure. People from other age group will also find it’s entertaining. It teaches to love yourself no matter what others are saying and to stay brave in difficult situation. This book reminds of a very good friend of mine from school. Back then she has also struggled with the same problem of being teased because of her curly hair so I have seen the situation which author is saying about.

Author Divya Anand has beautifully knit the story in poem. This book is based on her own experience. I love the illustrations done by ‘Rujuta Thakurdesai’. The cover of the book is so cute, it made me pick up this book.


Day Dreaming

“Oh my god! Finally I got the Nobel Prize for peace, whom should I thank.”

A sudden loud sound of horn woke me up. I was sleeping, it was a dream. I was in the waiting room of railway station.

Wow.. what a beautiful dream, I should work harder to achieve something in life. This phone has ruined my life. I am tired of being mediocre.

Another loud horn sound.

“What time it is?”

“6.30.. Oh no! my train is leaving. I have to run else have to wait for another 12 hrs.”

Photo Credit – Jennifer Pendergast

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Amy, my ex-roomie is a painter but she never got that kind of appreciation which she deserved. This broke her from inside.

When I met her few days ago after 2 years she was still struggling with same problems. I was sensing from her depressed tone that it is not good to leave her alone. I offered her to live with me for few days but she refused to do so.

Today I am calling her since morning and she is not answering, worried sick when I reached her home. She was dancing as her painting is selected for art exhibition.

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