Agha Khan Palace, Pune

Some interesting history is connected to the Agha khan palace but it is best known as the jail of Mahatma Gandhi, Kasturba Gandhi and other freedom fighters. They were imprisoned here for two years from 1942 to 1944.  Kasturba Gandhi and Gandhiji’s secretary Mahadev Desai died at Agha Palace. There Samadhi were built at the corner of premises. Some ashes of Mahatma Gandhiji were brought to the Pune and placed near the samadhi of Kasturba Gandhi.

Kasturba Gandhi Died at Agha Khan Palace
Kasturba Gandhiji’s Samadhi

It is donated to Indian Government by Agha Khan IV in 1969. Now it is named as “Mahatma Gandhi Memorial”.

Roaming around palace itself is a great experience. There are five room in the palace and Mahatma Gandhiji’s and Kasturbaji’s statues are placed in most of them. Some handwritten letters by Gandhiji were also stick to the walls which made this place even more interesting.


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The book is written by Neil D’Silva in horror genre. It is a story of a girl named Meenakshi. Meenakshi or Meenu is seventh child of Renuka and Shantaram. They wanted seventh child as a boy but a girl child is born instead. They lived in a village of Maharashtra called Vatgaon .

Meenakshi life get changed when she turns 15. Her incredible beauty changes the behaviour of men when they are around her. She looks more mature than her age and this became the reason of worry for her parents when the prospective groom Harikumar came for her elder sister decided to marry her instead. In between, two boys got missing from the village. They blamed her and atmosphere of village became hostile for her.

Yakshini is a form of deity that lives inside Meenakshi. Yakshini was cursed to live inside a human body. This curse change the fate of everyone related to Meenu. Krita (another deity) come occasionally to rescue her from difficult situations.


Yakshini is a supernatural horror book. The theme of the book seems complicated but writer executed it very nicely. The writer has perfection in horror genre. The book is very interesting and I was hooked to it till the end. I like the first half of book very much and second half is also good but I do not like Meenakshi’s miseries so it is less appealing for me.

My favourite character is Harikumar. At the beginning, he seems like typical Indian men but gradually his true nature came into the picture. Meenakshi internal dilemma portrayed very well. Her character development is very good from a small town girl to city girl and then Yakshini’s taking over her senses.

The narration is also very good. I  I recommend this book.

About Author

Neil D’Silva is a famous for writing in horror genre. He belongs to Mumbai. He won the Delhi Literature Festival in 2015. His novel Maya’s New husband and Yakshini has been acquired for screen adaptations.

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