Ganpati Bappa Morya !!!!!

                          Here comes my most favorite festival Ganesh Mahotasav. It feels like Ganpati have been coming to live with us for 10 days. Some people bring small statues of Ganpati in their home. Life like idols is placed in pandals with lots of lightening and music. I love to visit these places and it really appreciable that they always apply something innovative. But I never understand why some people want to spoil this festive environment by putting the loud music, this music sometimes gives us a headache. Old peoples and children get badly impacted by the loud music.
                         Another thing that spoils environment is the idols made of plaster of paris. The Plaster of Paris is insoluble in water and the chemical paints used to adorn these plaster idols themselves contain heavy metals like mercury and cadmium, causing water pollution. We can opt to place the eco-friendly clay idols instead of these plaster of paris one, it will be a bit more expensive, but I think we can afford this much to save our environment.

This sketch is my tribute to Ganpati…

Ganpati Bappa



Elephant – Crocodile story (Gaj-Grah katha)

Gaj Grah sketch

This sketch is drawn by me, narrating the Gaj-Grah story.This story is also called “Gajendra Moksha Katha”. The story goes like this there is a mountain called Trikuta. An elephant named Gajendra, was the king of a herd of elephants who lives on that mountain. One day he was playing with friends and family in a lake and suddenly a crocodile caught him by the foot.Gajendra tried to escape from the crocodile clutches but it didn’t work. His family and friends also tried to help him, but in vain. When they realized its hard to survive him, they left him alone.
It is said that elephant struggled for a thousand years. At last, when his energy started collapsing and completely weak. He started to pray Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu heard his cries and appeared on Garuda to help. Lord Vishnu’s Sudharshan chakra killed crocodile and set Gajendra free.Gajendra offers Lotus to Lord in order to thank him. This story is a part of Vishnu Puran. It is said that if Gajendra Moksha mantra is chanted by a person, he gets the power to face the difficulties and come out of unwanted situations.

Live in the moment

There are certain points in life when everything seems meaningless,dull and boring. It happens to everyone reasons may be different . In the past few days I felt the same way. When I try to analyze the problem, few reasons come out. I want to share these reasons with you all with the help of this article:

1) Daily repetitive work – All of us face this problem. Monotonous routine makes us dull. Even sometime weekend holiday will also not work. The only thing that came to our mind “there is no solution of this problem, everyone leads life like that only”. Well what if get some time for our hobby or try something that we always wanted to do. I know most of us have one answer for this “we don’t have time for it”.Means we don’t have time for the things that make us happy and alive, then what is the
point of anything else. A person who is happy with his life can make others happy.

2) Living in the past – Painful past can make us cry, but sometimes good past memories also give us nostalgic feeling that deprived us from the present beautiful moment.These memories will not allow us to accept the changes. So its better not to think about it. Someone has share this line on twitter, really true:

“Yaad aane per beeta hua sukh bhi dukh he deta hai..”

3) Thinking about future – There is no point of thinking about the future as if it is good, then there is no need to worry and if it is bad then its foolishness to feel the pain twice. We can plan the future but can’t change it.

Happiness comes to us daily in small packets but we ignore it while waiting for greater ones. Small moments like evening tea/coffee break between work, chit chat with an old friend after a long time, fun moments with friends and family, watching your favorite cartoon, listening to your favourite song, (for a programmer)when your code start working are more precious than anything else in the world, if we know how to enjoy them, we know how to enjoy every moment of life. At the end, I want to share my favorite line from Kungfu Panda movie describing about the best gift of life :

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called present.”blog2

Blurb Writing 101

Lynette Noni

… Otherwise known as ‘banging your head against a wall—repeatedly’.

The title of this post is somewhat misleading since, really, I’m nowhere near qualified enough to write a ‘how to’ guideline for creating effective blurbs. But I can write about my experience, because last week my publishers and I agreed on a working blurb for Akarnae. (YAY!!!!). I can’t release it yet because it might change, but after a number of back-and-forth revisions we’re all happy with how it’s turned out. So that’s super-exciting!

It was interesting writing the blurb—and by ‘interesting’ I really mean ‘somebody-kill-me-now’. I thought query letters, pitches and synopses were challenging (which they are), but blurbs? Condensing 120,000 words down to, like, 150? I actually found myself freaking out! Think about it—a pretty cover might draw the eye of someone perusing in a bookstore, but it’s the blurb that will hopefully captivate them enough for them to want to read the…

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It’s time to change our mindset

The new airtel advertisement has created a situation of debate. A woman,the boss of her husband still cooking at home.Some people appreciate this ad and says”I like these kind of women managing the house and work both”. But please ask to this superwoman, is she happy with her life or not. One question to the creative team of this ad ‘Can’t she hire a cook’ or her husband says “I want my wife to cook food for me” like a typical Indian husband mentality.
A few days ago, I heard this from a management student girl,”Our mother lives are much easier than us as they don’t have any career”.I agree with her in old days women are not allowed to study much as a result ,they don’t have any career,so they have to manage household only.But in current scenarios, we study harder,then get a good job, high pay scale and after that we manage household and work both. If in any case we have to manage household then i have to say that older women are luckier than us,at least they don’t have to bear office frustration. If this is called women liberation what else can I say?

It doesn’t mean that girl should not be educated or don’t have careers. In this century, it’s become mandatory for everyone (especially women) to come out from their shell. Not necessary for earning but to realize that there is some world exist outside kitchen also. If we are talking about progress of the nation then participation of women is also needed.

We have to change the mentality of society.Still in our society it is believed that a girl should know cooking while it is not important for a
boy. In my opinion, everyone should know cooking so it will become easier to balance the things.Since childhood, i used to heard a line in my home “Ladkiyan chahe
collector ban jaaye par khana to banana hi padta hai” and honestly it has always tortured me the most. Does it mean girls are born to cook food only? It’s only her Responsibility to manage a house? She doesn’t have any life? She is not allowed to fulfill her dreams?
Housewives didn’t get any pay for running a household and her demand for extra money needs an explanation. If she starts working then who will manage the house that’s the question arises. On the other hand working women have to manage both work and home, if something is not going well and then the husband says “We are financial stable then why you are taking so much stress, quit the job”. At last, if you want a peaceful married life then you have to quit the job. If you are not financially stable then I can only pray. At certain times of life, being a woman we have to make a choice of career or home.
At the conclusion of this article, I want to say one thing if we are speaking about equality please start it with the home. Nobody loves to sacrifice the dreams, if it is painful for you, then it is painful for her also. If it becomes necessary for a wife to quit job for the family, then don’t underestimate her sacrifice.

Be the hammer,not the nail

From the core of my heart I admire people who get success with their own efforts, apparently if they rises by doing right works. There are few people who inspire me to write this article, one of them is Smriti Irani. I am not very fond of politics, so not much aware of her political skills.But after watching her interview on “Aapki Adalat” and speech on women’s day, I came to know about her life history. From a waitress to the Minister of Human Resource Development ,the path would not be easy for her.

There are lots of other names are there in the list like our PM. I was trying to find out similarities among them and get some like their ability to think out of the box, self confidence, love for their work, never give up attitude and last but not the least taking risk ability. I think risk taking ability is the most important thing as until we do not come out of our comfort zone, can’t try new things and explore the new person inside us success is not possible.

Next is love or it’s better to say passion for the work, if we can’t enjoy the things that we are doing it will never work out. Like if any singer does not find a song interesting he will never feel it as a result listener will not able to connect with him and in spite of the perfect knowledge of music, person will never succeed to achieve the goals.If we love our work, then end results do not make any difference as enjoyment of doing it is giving us satisfaction and this is the key for success. We never get tired or feel bored of doing the things we like.

At the end, we can say it is not all about hard work, sometimes it’s all about choices and grabbing opportunities as well. You all have heard that famous quote “Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice.” The better we know ourself(our passion) the chances of getting success increases.

English Vinglish


 In a recent turn of events, I traded an over-cluttered life in Bombay for a school on a hill to teach English to grade seven and eight students. I was as untrained as they come, but I knew one thing. I had always been thrilled about words coming alive on paper. I figured teaching would involve spreading a bit of that disease.

On day one, in an attempt to “know my audience”, I asked the students to share their favourite word and say why they liked it. They quickly came up with words like music, joy, peace, love, happy and others. My heart sank. It felt frugal. This is not going to be fun, I thought. Was this what they meant by the economy of language, I wondered.

Then I told them I was making word soup and needed something chunkier – words with more gravitas, more texture…

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