10 Practical Writing Tips

Lynette Noni


I’m alive! Sorry for the long wait since my last post—I’ve been without my laptop for over a week (major withdrawals!). I was away interstate for the Hillsong Conference (which was amazing) and only just got home. It was an incredible week and sooo much super-cool stuff happened (I even saw a pod of whales migrating north during my flight home!) and I’m still processing a lot of it. But while I was at the conference I went to a master class called Creative Writing: For The Love Of Words which was über-awesome, and I wanted to write a quick post with some of the things I learnt in it. I mean, I learnt way more than what I’m about to write, but I’ve had an average of five hours sleep every night for the last week (at best) and want to keep this short and sweet to lessen the amount…

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If its not forever its not love..

Recently I have read a book titled “If its not forever its not love” . I found the title very interesting main reason to pick this book .The story revolves around 6 characters Deb, Avantika, Shrey, Tiya, RD and Rangini.
Two love stories are going simultaneously, one in flash back written in the diary and other in the present day. Both stories are written in different styles it can be easily recognized that the two writers are involved.I found diary one more interesting as it reflects the eternal love without expectations. Avantika is a very strong character, although somewhere writer repeats her positive points again and again.

I want to jump to the last chapter to know the ending of the dairy story, but when I reached there found ending a bit filmy. All in all it is a good book to read one time.