An Unsuitable Boy

This book is an autobiography of famous filmmaker Karan Johar, son of famous producer Yash Johar.

Being rich is a not key to happiness and money can’t buy everything. Karan’s started book with a very touching prologue.I like the chapters on his childhood very much. He mentioned how one incident changed his personality completely, from a introvert, less confident child to amiable popular student.

The chapters on his initial career as a filmmaker and on Dharma production are also very interesting. You will get to know some of inside film making facts.

I don’t like the comparison of Lagaan with K3G. Yes, they were released on the same year, may be K3G earned more than Lagaan but you can’t compare a magnificent movie like Lagaan with an average commercial movie like K3G.

I don’t like him as a person or as a filmmaker but after reading this book my views are neutral about him. Best thing about this book is his honesty.

If you are looking for any kind of gossip you will be disappointed, the image he has created for himself this sounds impossible but it is true. Overall it’s a nice and quick read.

Few excerpt from the book

“Actually, there was a lot conflict and consideration in kuch kuch hota hai.
Rani is writing eight letters to her daughter. What did she write in the first three letters? Gagagoogoo?
And how did she know Kajol was going to be free and available. I’m envious to conviction I had in 1997 when I wrote it because today that conviction got too logical.”