Khullam Khulla

This book is an autobiography of actor “Rishi kapoor” as title suggest the book is “khullam khulla” he made many open revelations about him and people related to his life. It is a nice attempt by actor. Initial chapters are really good specially on “Raj kapoor”. He discussed about his father’s affair with the leading actresses and his alcohol problem which was a bold step.

The book got me hooked except few chapters in the mid. He talked about everyone even all music director and singers also who gave his onscreen voice. To my surprise he talked more about Amitabh Bachchan” than his son. I agree that it would be difficult for him (a romantic hero) to survive in action era. He said, “Amitabh was an action hero in the era of action films. As such writers gave him the lion’s share and he had the author backed roles in almost all the films.”

In conclusion, the book is good for light read. You will get the chance to look inside a actor’s life, to witness his depression and his success.

Rating – 3.6

Price – ₹ 600 (quite high and not justified )

Writer – Rishi Kapoor along with Meena Iyer