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Irrationally Passionate

Overview :

Irrationally Passionate is a life story of Jason Kothari. In prologue, he mentioned a sweet story of his childhood when he tried to bargain with a local shop keeper in Agra and get the chess set for the price in his budget.

He is an Indian but born and spent most of the childhood in Hong Kong . He mentioned his initial days as nomadic as they frequently moved to Paris, US and then back to Hong Kong . Although his life was full of comforts but he faced the racism in his childhood and it left a mark on his memories.

He shared story of his problem with drugs, alcohol and getting involved in frequent fights and how he overcame with the problem with the help of his family and his Will power. After getting over with alcohol problem he get more focused on his studies and got admission in Wharton University , Pennsylvania. His life transformation from drug addict troubled teenager to focused student of greatest business school is really admirable. His dream of becoming entrepreneur is started getting shape.

Buying Valiant Comics during college years, Working as Housing .com and Freecharge as CEO and turnaround in Snapdeal fiasco, the book is full of inspirational stories.

Review :

The book is full of positive thoughts and energy. After reading this book you will feel like go and do something good with your life. You will feel motivated. Preaching something is very easy but proving your point with live examples is different.

The language of book is simple and easy to understand. Not a single dull moment but in few places, there are little bit technical terms are mentioned which author has explained too.

For me, best part of the book is :

  • It has so information to absorb . Author has worked in many streams, and given details about it. Starting with Valiant Comics (entertainment) , then (real estate), Snapdeal (e-commerce), freecharge (e- wallet), through this book we get overview of how business works on these streams.
  • Author belongs to humble family and become entrepreneur with average skill set because of exceptional quality of never giving up and hard work. It is very inspirational.
  • Growing up aboard doesn’t mean to disconnect with your roots. A line from book “You ‘ll never know how fortunate you are to live in India, until you have been made to live somewhere else”.
  • Being passionate about what are doing keep you alive.

Book Details :

Author : Jason Kothari
Publisher : HarperCollins
Genre : Non-fiction/Memoir
Price : Rs 599/-

My Inspiration !!

From OR to AND, this reminds only one woman “My Mother”. Every child says that his mother is the best mother in the world and for them she will be, but I have some different reasons for saying this. I lost my father in an accident when I was 10 years old. My mother was a housewife at that time, completely unknown to the all odds of the world. When my father was alive, she never wanted to work outside home, all she loves to do household work. But after my father’s death, she decided to do the job although elders didn’t want her to go outside for a job. Even she was unwilling to do the same but she did it only for us. She fought with everyone for us.

The woman who was not confident enough to talk with the strangers, gathered the courage to settle down in a new city, completely unknown to her. She had to deal with a lots of unknown people daily as she is working in public dealing section of a govt. office. The woman who has always done whatever others decided for her, now she is taking major
decisions of life. Her one decision impacted my life, the moment she decided to work she put a step forward for our bright future (me and my brother).

She wanted us to be independent after whatever happened to her, she didn’t want the same situation for us thus gave us freedom for taking our own decisions whether it’s a decision of choosing a career or a life partner. What I learnt from her “Life always gives us choices and our decisions creates our own destiny.”

The Best part is all these problem she faced with the smile, I never able to find out how she can manage to smile in
the difficult situations. This thing I still have to learn from her “positive attitude”. At the end I want to say that “I have not achieved much, but whatever I have achieved because of her love and guidance”.

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Be the hammer,not the nail

From the core of my heart I admire people who get success with their own efforts, apparently if they rises by doing right works. There are few people who inspire me to write this article, one of them is Smriti Irani. I am not very fond of politics, so not much aware of her political skills.But after watching her interview on “Aapki Adalat” and speech on women’s day, I came to know about her life history. From a waitress to the Minister of Human Resource Development ,the path would not be easy for her.

There are lots of other names are there in the list like our PM. I was trying to find out similarities among them and get some like their ability to think out of the box, self confidence, love for their work, never give up attitude and last but not the least taking risk ability. I think risk taking ability is the most important thing as until we do not come out of our comfort zone, can’t try new things and explore the new person inside us success is not possible.

Next is love or it’s better to say passion for the work, if we can’t enjoy the things that we are doing it will never work out. Like if any singer does not find a song interesting he will never feel it as a result listener will not able to connect with him and in spite of the perfect knowledge of music, person will never succeed to achieve the goals.If we love our work, then end results do not make any difference as enjoyment of doing it is giving us satisfaction and this is the key for success. We never get tired or feel bored of doing the things we like.

At the end, we can say it is not all about hard work, sometimes it’s all about choices and grabbing opportunities as well. You all have heard that famous quote “Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice.” The better we know ourself(our passion) the chances of getting success increases.