True love is like old wine the older the better

Love is a sacred feeling. In my opinion you can feel attraction at first sight but it takes time to fall in love. Even mother bonding with new born child takes few days, which is believed to be most sacred form of love in the world.

Love is to accept a person with all his good and bad qualities, this feeling cannot pop up in seconds. It takes few years married couples to actually fall in love with each other irrespective love or arrange marriage. Couples having love marriage always complain about changing their partner’s behavior because they only know one side of other person and this person seems new to them.

Love can’t pop up as surprise like it is often said that “True love is like old wine the older the better”.

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Munsi Premchand was a great writer indeed. Every character was so well written, while reading the book you feel like living in a village.

It’s not a kind of book I usually read but it feels wonderful to read the old classics belongs to your own country. Few chapters are dedicated to women not women empowerment but what writers thinks about women. He expresses his feelings through Mr. Mehta’s character. I like this character the most. He is a philosopher and the women coming to his contact realizes their true self.

I loved the book, it is bit depressing but in the end everything was coming on the track (except the debt part).I would recommend this book to those who love the real hindi literature.