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Jane Eyre

In my opinion this book is far much better than those Jane Austen’s novel. Jane Eyre novel was much ahead of its time. It is not a love story but journey of a girl.

I like the character of Jane, her boldness is really admirable. You feel connected to this character which is very rare in case of classics. She is plain (as writer describe her in book) not heavenly beautiful just like any ordinary girl. She is strong woman and fight for her rights, unlike ordinary women of that time (in old days it was considered as bad manners when a girl take a stand for herself). Mr. Rochester’s character portrayed differently.  As described in wiki he is a Byronic hero, a bit self centred.

I feel some part of the book is hard to understand and few paragraphs are bit descriptive apart from this everything in this book is exceptional.


Anandmath was written by Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay and was released in 1882, during the British rule in India. Vande Mataram, national song of India was introduced in this book and it is one of the reasons I picked this book.

It is loosely based on Sanyasis rebellion against Britishers in 18th century. The primary cause of rebellion was lives of people of Bengal became miserable because of paying heavy taxes to Britishers during famine. Many people lost their lives during famine.

It was hard to think that how much our ancestors has suffered to get the freedom. The book’s characters are fictional but incidents are real.

The book was banned by Britishers as they fear it will inspire Indians to fight for their rights. The ban was removed by Govt of India post independence.

Books that made me fall in love with reading

I spent my childhood reading Pran’s comics and champak. Champak is a children’s magazine printed fortnightly. It contains short stories with social message. I still
remember some of the stories and social message hidden inside them which helped me to become a better person. At that point of time I had no idea that these small cute
books are precious to me so I have not preserved them


Then J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter came to my life. First time I saw this book, a thought came to the mind “Why a person spend time to read these heavy book when movie
based on it is there?”. After sometime I got the chance to read “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone” for the first time I got hooked and then understand difference between the movie and book. I can read it again and again.


These books made me fall in love with reading because I am in a different world while I am reading them. This post is written for Indispire Edition 245