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Learning has no age limit

I often heard my mother saying, “Umar ho gayi hai beta ab kya sikhenge” or “is age mein aakar aadetein nahi badlti “. I used to think may be she is right, may be I will behave in a similar way at her age but this feeling always depresses me as I always love to learn new things, even I had made a new year resolution few years ago that I will learn one new thing or try to do something new everyday. I don’t know about everyday but most of the days I still follow this resolution. Life without new learnings seems very boring and dull.

Few weeks ago, I read Twinkle Khanna’s article in TOI mentioning 97 year old fashion icon “Iris Apfel” who has signed a modelling contract with IMG few months ago and Barbie doll was created with her image. I found her very inspiring, at the age 97 when most of the people would decide not to get up from the bed she is achieving new milestones.

Actually I proposed this topic to Indispire after watching an old episode of Satymev Jayate on old age. The stories shown in the episode was very inspiring. You will find one story in subsequent paragraph.

Chandra Tomar belongs to a very conservative family where women was not allowed to go out and persue the job. She spent her lifetime in taking care of family. Things got changed when one day she went to a shooting training centre with her grand daughter. She started learning shooting secretly. She was 60s when started learning shooting. Now she won several medals in shooting and opened the door for future generation girls of family to follow their dreams. Prakash Tomar her sister- in-law followed her footsteps and achieved the perfection in shooting.

Sometimes as age increases we lost curiosity and become complacent. Our fear of losing didn’t allow us to discover ourselves and this feeling will sure make anyone old even his physical age is 30.



Criticism is not easy to handle. If you have low self esteem you will loose self confidence and in case of high self esteem ego will get hurt.

Recently, I have faced a similar situation. Some relative made a stupid joke on me (as people told me but I don’t feel like it was joke, may be a comment out of some negative feeling) and it took almost 24 hrs of analysis to come to conclusion that may be it struck me so hard because it’s true.

Few people would say that I was overthinking but I believe that a person should aware about his feelings. Once you accept your shortcomings then it will be easy to deal with them.

Sant kabir said a doha about criticism which help our generation to keep our head on right track.

निंदक नियरे राखिए, ऑंगन कुटी छवाय,
बिन पानी, साबुन बिना, निर्मल करे सुभाय।

Keep critics near you, they will help in character building and save us from doing blunders.

Rituals and The Reason behind them

Being a married women you have to follow few rituals for the sake of society because if you are not following them, people will make your life uneasy.

I am a great believer of Indian culture but my question is to the peoples who always create fuss over these rituals

“Do you know the reason behind it? why should I follow these rituals?”

If you ask such questions to elders they will say :

“We never asked such questions to our elders.” or

“It is inauspicious, if you don’t follow it something bad will happen” or

they will consider it rude because they don’t know the exact answer and they never bothered to know it.

Here is some google search reasons for the rituals, followed by us :

1. Touching the feet –

When you touch the feet of an elder keeping aside your ego, then the elder accepts your shraddha or your reduced ego and their heart
emits positive vibes or thoughts and energy. We can also say that a kind of cosmic energy also released while touching the feet that connect each other’s
mind and heart. The same we can say with handshakes and hugs also

2. Wearing Jewelry –

Jewelry like toe ring, bangles, mangal sutra etc helps in improving blood circulation. Apart from this, Indian jewelry is also considered to be a matter of
great security in time of financial crisis due to its good value.

3. Navratri Fasting –

Navratri came twice in a year, both the months are the months of changing seasons. Fasting helps to cope up with weather changes.

4. Worshiping Peepal tree-

Peepal tree has not many benefits. It produces no fruits and its wood is not strong enough for any purpose, but our ancestors knew that ‘Peepal’ is one of the
very few trees (or probably the only tree) which produces oxygen even at night. So in order to save this tree because of its unique property they related it
to God/religion.

5. Ear Piercing
Piercing the ears has a great importance in Indian culture. Indian physicians and philosophers believe that piercing the ears helps in the development of intellect,
power of thinking and decision making skills.

Our ancestors are very smart people they created these rituals because they know when things are connected to religion people will be compelled to follow. It is good not to create fuss if someone decides not to follow them especially when they don’t know the reason behind it.

Respect always come from the heart and you can’t bound anyone to respect you by forcing them to touch the feet.

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Happiness is a state of mind

This post I am writing for Indispire topic

“How happy are you? Do you look for reasons to be happy? Are smiles linked with happiness? ”

When I read this topic first line came to my mind “Happiness is a state of mind”, don’t know why because I am not much familiar to its meaning so I googled it. I read few blogs and it make me more confuse. So I came up with my own meaning and I quote it in simple sentence “It means physical things don’t give us happiness but if our mind like something we feel happy.”

People often think that certain things can make us happy like car, big house, big job etc and these things do bring happiness (obviously nobody can deny it, no matter how saint you are) but temporarily then we always look for next big thing. These are our short term goals if these are fulfilled we are happy but for short period.

Ideally one should be happy without reasons but we are not ideal people, we need reasons to be happy like the backspace button on my laptop started working again (by itself) so I am happy, my housemaid came on time makes me happy more, pet dog of my neighbor is not barking today, Govt managed to bring Mallya back to India (Their appraisals are coming soon so they are working hard now), India won cricket match again (phew..these matches give us so much tension) pinnacle of happiness, etc etc. Jokes apart there are certain things in life that you enjoy doing it and sometimes
don’t care about results, journey itself is very good, destination doesn’t matter. I believe that journey is happiness.

True love is like old wine the older the better

Love is a sacred feeling. In my opinion you can feel attraction at first sight but it takes time to fall in love. Even mother bonding with new born child takes few days, which is believed to be most sacred form of love in the world.

Love is to accept a person with all his good and bad qualities, this feeling cannot pop up in seconds. It takes few years married couples to actually fall in love with each other irrespective love or arrange marriage. Couples having love marriage always complain about changing their partner’s behavior because they only know one side of other person and this person seems new to them.

Love can’t pop up as surprise like it is often said that “True love is like old wine the older the better”.

This post is written for Indispire topic