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Pran’s World Of Comics

By this post I want to¬† rejuvenate childhood memories and also want to give tribute to Indian cartoonist Pran. Do you still remember below character from Pran’s comics collection?

Chacha Chaudhary“Chacha Chaudhary ka dimag computer se bhi tez chalta hai”. This is the perfect introduction of this character. This guy has a solution of all the problems. Even police consults with him for solving there problems. As a child, I want to be like him, simple living high thinking. Chachaji never lock his house while leaving home as nobody dares to steal anything from his place. He always accompanied with Sabu. Sabu belongs to the Jupiter, he is tall and has powerful muscles with which he breaks the teeth of enemies.“Sabu ko jab gussa aata hai to kahi jwalamukhi phatata hai.” He loves food made by Chachiji.

Billoo – Billoo is school going teenager, he is a bit mischievous. He has a pet moti. Other characters of this series is Jozi, Jozi’s dad colonel who don’t like Billoo. Bajrangi, his friend Monu. Billoo has long hair which covered his eyes. He is very clever which help him come out from troubled situations.


Pinki – Who can forget Pinki and her squirrel kutkut? She is five year old. First time I have seen a squirrel as a pet. She unknowingly gives trouble to her neighbor Jhapatji, he called her “Musibat”. Other characters are Bhiku and Champu.

Raman – Raman represents common middle class man. Even few magazines includes this cartoon column. Others characters of this comic series are (his friends) MogaSingh, Khalifa, wife Kamali, Bald Boss. Raman biggest problem is his Boss whom he always tried to impress but failed everytime.

Shrimatiji – Main character of this comic series is Sheela. This character is very popular because it is included in Magazine Sarita. Sheela is a middle class housewife.

Please do tell me who is your favourite one ūüôā


Women Who Inspired me

All the ladies reading this post, wishing you Happy Women’s Day. This is the only day when others realize there is something like womanhood exists, on others day
nobody cares. But some of us continue with the struggles and live life on our conditions. Society not only gives respect to such women but also their life become
inspiration for others. I want to share list of women who inspires me to become a good human being, give courage to stick my goal.

1. My Mother РMy mother will be always top on this list. I have already shared my views in post Happy Mother’s Day !!!!
2. Kiran Bedi – I remember one interview of her that I have watched in my childhood. Most of the things I forget about that interview except one line “I have not wasted a single moment of my student life.” She shared some incidences like while going for tennis matches she used to do her studies during train journey etc.I think she is leading a meaningful life which inspires me a lot.

3. Mary Kom – I admire this lady for not only pursuing her dream but not to left it after marriage. It is not easy to career like boxing in our country and it becomes more harder to comeback after marriage with all the responsibilities. She inspires me for my second innings ūüôā

4. Neerja Bhanot (AC) – It really great that Indian director and producer has started movies based on biopic. First time I heard about Neerja when the movie based on her started making. After watching this movie I was speechless. Yes.. its real.. I was convincing myself. She was the unusual combination of beauty, brain and courage. She is the inspiration for all Indians.

5.Smriti Irani – From a waitress to HRD minister, not an easy task. A person who rises from the ground knows the value of life and things that controls life which is visible on her face and speech.


6. Vidya Balan –¬† I heard in her interview that before getting success, producers from south don’t take her on film as they believe that she was a “Panoti”(Jinx) because of this she was thrown out from 25 films then she moved to Bollywood and keep following her dream and finally got success.



Passion – Feeling which keeps you Alive

Well, passion is really a big word. Sometimes, we don’t understand the difference between hobby and passion.Passion involves interest, love and a bit of madness. It gives us tranquility.We never get tired while doing things for which we are passionate about.If you are passionate about something you would try to connect with it in any way. But sometimes circumstances don’t allow us to do this also.
Reading is my passion which is not lost completely, but I do not get much time to pursue it. I reached in different world while reading my favourite books.It helps me to forget my problems. Reading also give chance to learn few new things so I believe in saying that “Books are our best friend”.

The Irony of Busy Life

There was a serial broadcast on SAB TV (Indian TV channel) “Lapataganj”, I had watched only a few episodes of this TV series, but well acquainted with the characters.¬†One of the characters I like the most is “Biji Pandey”, this person always pretends to be busy, but in reality he doesn’t like to do any work. Aged above 30, he is still ‘biji’ (busy) studying law and very busy roaming the Lapataganj on his bicycle. This character is very well portrayed in serial. I found many people around behaving in the same way,(it includes me as well). We ignore important things while doing not so important things.

Government office clerks don’t have time to attend you as they are busy with strikes, lunch breaks, solving crosswords, public holidays, household matters and after all this if they get any time, they surely¬†resolve our¬†problems. Media is busy in praising PM, Bollywood star life issues, cricketer’s problem and if time left¬†they will cover the social issues. Youngsters are busy with Facebook, twitter, whatsapp, movies, candy crush saga and if time left they will think about the real world issues. Matured people are busy in money making and don’t have time for whom they are making money. Women are busy in gossiping on the phone, watching daily soaps, kitchen and¬†don’t have time to find their own identity.¬†In today’s world everyone is so¬†busy that they don’t have time to find real meaning of life..¬†What an Irony!!! busy3 Reply To Weekly Writing Challenge :¬†Oh, The Irony

Fighting Against Depression #SatyamevJayate

The topic of Satyamev Jayate this week “Depression and Mental Illness” has touched my heart. Depression is very common these days, increasing stress level is one of the¬†root causes of it. Stress can be the first step to depression. There are certain points in my life when I feel like I have crossed the level of stress and I am on the verge of depression, but few things help me stay away from it. I like to share these points with you all –

Speak out РFriends are the best gift that life gives us. Share your problems with them. Sometimes it happens that problem that seems so huge in the mind is becoming smaller when we share it someone. As told by a doctor in Satyamev Jayate episode, it is like the cleaning process of mind. It will also increase the chances of getting problem solved. But I will suggest to share your problems with only one person whom you trust blindly.


Stop continuous thinking – There was a joke, my “Art of living” instructor always used to say, “If you want to be in depression, then follow the steps as I say, Go to the room, switch off the light, close your eyes and repeat this line 10 times,”God what will happen to me in future” this will surely lead you to depression”. Continuous thinking about the problem will surely lead anyone to the depression. There are some ways which I have tried to distract myself :

a) Start pursuing hobbies – Best way to keep you busy and happy.
b) Watching TV – I will suggest watching the comedy shows or comedy movie on TV. Laughter is the best medicine.
c) Listening to music – Please avoid sad songs.

Solution of temporary problem should not create permanent problem – This line always guide me and stops me to follow the wrong path. Whenever I feel low, I start repeating one line in¬†mind “This situation is temporary. Everything will be fine soon”. Sometimes while solving temporary problems people create permanent one like a person has a bad experience in a relationship then this is a temporary problem, but if he will decide to commit suicide as it’s become difficult for him to cope with situation,¬†this will become a permanent problem. The person¬†is not able to see the consequences of his act because the problem appears too big to him. Some incidences make us feel this is the end of life, nothing left. But that’s not true there are so many things waiting for us. Life always a chance of a fresh start.

Be in the company of your loved ones – Loneliness is a curse, let me clear one thing living alone and loneliness are two different things (Personally I don’t like living alone as well). “Loneliness is the feeling of social isolation or dissatisfaction with your relationships,” Dr. Cacioppo says.(copied line) This social isolation is sometimes¬†created by us, reason can be anything like a bad experience with friends or excess work, etc. Loneliness leads to the depression. Worst part of being in depression is¬†people need someone’s company, but they deny it, they don’t realize that talking to someone will help them.


I am not trying to give any kind of “gyaan”, these are the tips that worked for me but thinking may vary from person to person. If you want to add something or want to share your tips please feel free to comment on this post.

If you are depressed, feel suicidal or have a question related to mental health, you can contact the¬†Vandrevala Foundation on their helpline number –¬†1 860 266 2345 (Copied from Satyamev Jayate’s Official site)

You can also email them at –¬†


Technological Upwas

Technological Upwas(fast), this title is discovered by my friend during our trip to Kolad which was organized by our company, 3 years back. This place is nearby Mumbai and famous for the resorts that conduct adventurous activities. There was no internet access and mobile signal available at this place. So my friend said that, “You know, we are doing ‘Technological Upwas’, completely disconnected from outer world no internet or mobile access”. I think he had used the perfect term because mobile and laptop become as essential element of life as food and water spending a day without them seems like fasting. We had spent the one and half day with nature and friends, doing lots of adventurous activities. It was a nice experience. These gadgets connect us with the world, but disconnected us with the people around us.

Some changes that I have observed these days :

  • All friends are sharing a table, but instead of direct interaction, they are talking with each other in whatsapp group.


  • You are trying to start a conversation with the friend¬†sitting opposite to you, but he/she is busy in whatsapp chat and you feel ignored and embarrassed.


  • The friends, who called you every year on birthday/New Year/Diwali, now started wishing you on whatsapp or FB.
  • People have started sending their marriage invitation on FB.
  • You are getting updates of your best friend’s life from FB.


  • You have started feeling the shortage of time as all of it is wasted on FB or whatsapp. No time for pursuing hobbies.
  • You can’t concentrate on your work because your phone is continuously ringing (because of whatsapp or FB messages)

This list is never ending..

If I get the chance to stay away from my smart phone, I will be the happiest person as it will help me stay away from “Candy Crush Saga”, most addictive game and¬† time spend on it is totally wasted, the rest of the things I can manage. Like everything else electronic gadgets has its own pros and cons, but if things are getting more important than people, then it’s time to think about it.

This post is written for Indispire : experience about A 7 days experiment to stay away from all modern gadgets and apps like mobile, laptop-computers, internet, social networking, E-games and how you spent that time? with family? traveled? meditated, anything you experienced.#7dayexperiment


Wealth Of Tranquility


Good looks :

Recently I read an article in TOI “Good looks = not guilty”. This article tells how we judge people according to their looks. We have often supported to the good looking actors, even if they are the part of any criminal activity. There is one Hindi saying, which is also mentioned in TOI article :

“Pehle darshan dhari, phir gun vichari”

This saying fits in present scenarios, good looks (or good packaging) partially conceal the flaws. But this is the superficial way of winning hearts. If we talk about things, packaging will not work if the product is not good, quality always matter. The same way anyone can get the primary attention with the help of good looks  but to convert this attention to interest person should have qualities like honesty, kindheartedness..

Wealth :

If anyone says, “Money doesn’t matter” then either he is rich or he is lying or he came to know the real meaning of life (saint). We can’t deny the fact it is the one of the basic needs¬†for life. But more money makes us more greedy, greed that is never ending. Until we lose something precious during this journey of getting more money like peace of mind, the company of loved ones or health, we never stop chasing it. The moment we feel this chase is worthless, we get the real wealth of tranquility.

This post is written for Indispire :¬†Why is the world so focused on physical assets- bank-balance, material-possessions, external beauty/body/cleavage…? What’s the value of good thoughts, clear heart, inner beauty & values like honesty, discipline etc. today? What is important to you?#TreasuredAssets