Top Funniest Episodes of Friends

Many people shared the list of the funniest episode of friends, now its my turn. This is one of my favourite TV series and there are a few episodes that I can watch again and

The One With the Embryos

Season – Season 4, Episode 12

Plot – Chandler and Joey claimed that they know better Monica and Rachael and girls claimed the vice-versa. To decide the who knows whom better the game was organized
and Ross prepared the questions. The bet started from 10 Bugs and later girls looses the apartment.

Funny Moments – Answers revealed during game like Chandler name on TV guide “Miss Chanandler Bong”, Big Fat goalie and in lightening round nobody knows what
is Chandler’s job. Who can forget Rachael’s steady hand and the way Joey and Chandler enters into the apartment after winning the quiz.

Favourite Dialogue

Ross – “What is Chandler Bing’s Job?”
Rachael – “He’s a transpon-transpondster!”
Monica – “This is not even a word”


The One Where Everybody Finds Out

Season – Season 5, Episode 14

Plot – Phoebe find out that Monica and Chandler are in the relationship but instead of confronting them Phoebe and Rachael messed up with them. Phoebe pretends that
she is attracted to Chandler so that he accept his love for Monica. Chandler and Monica get to know about the Phoebe’s plan from Joey.Ross get the Ugly naked guy

Funny Moments – Joey become sandwiched between his friends, all of them bumped on him for seeking the truth. The scene where Phoebe pretends she is attracted to Chandler
Chandler and Phoebe date scene when they both try to seduce each other.

Favourite Dialogue

Phoebe: “They don’t know we know they know we know. And Joey, you can’t say anything.”

Joey: “Couldn’t if I wanted to.”


The One Where Ross Got High

Season – Season 6, Episode 9

Plot – Monica hosted Thanksgiving treat, Chandler came to know Monica’s parents don’t like him. Rachael decided to prepare dessert for Thanksgiving. Joey female
roommate Janine invited Joey and Ross for Thanksgiving treat where all her friends will also come. Ross and Joey try to escape Monica’s treat but failed and later
decided to go to Janine’s treat after it finishes. Ross revealed to Monica and Chandler that he used Chandler name to cover up all his misdeeds that’s why his parents
hates him. Joey and Ross came to know that dessert prepared by Rachael is a disaster and convinced everyone to disclose it to Rachael.

Funny Moments – Every moment of this episode is funny. Many stories are going simultaneously. Phoebe dreamed of Mr. Geller, Rachael’s dessert, Ross’s truth revealation,
Monica and Chandler trying to show Chandler is a nice person, Joey and Ross wanted to attend Janine’s Thankgiving party.


Favourite Dialogue

Mrs. Geller: (rubbing her temples) “That’s alot of information to get in in thirty seconds!”

I wanna go

The One with the All Rugby

Season – Season 4, Episode 15

Plot – Chandler meet his ex – girlfriend Janice.  He decides to keep distance with her before they again get into the relationship but as usual he didn’t get the courage to
say this directly to her. So he make excuse of getting transferred to Yemen.  Situation become worse when Janice decided not to leave him alone for a moment until he
board on the plane. Ross decided to play Rugby to impress his British girl friend Emily. He was brutally beaten by the players during the game. Emily felt bad for Ross
and told him about the weakness of the other players and Ross take revenge in the  second half.

Funny moments – When Chandler try to convince Janice for leaving him on Airport and get back to home but he failed and finally he had to take the plane to Yemen.
Ross calling him Red Ross(Angry Ross).

Favourite Dialogue

Chandler: What would you give to a kid if he wanted a ticket to play with?

Ticket Counter Attendant: Are you traveling with a child?

Chandler: No. All right, y’know what, she’s (Points to Janice) gonna think that I’m handing you a credit card, but what I’m really gonna do is hand you a library card.

Ticket Counter Attendant: Ah, sir a ticket to Yemen is $2,100 and we don’t take library cards.



The One With All the Resolutions

Season – Season 5, Episode 11

Plot – Everyone decided to take some resolution on new year. Ross Challenged Chandler for taking resolution of not making fun of others. Rachael of not doing gossip.
Ross bought leather pants as a part of his resolution and wearing the same he went to his girl friend place. Joey learns guitar from Phoebe.
Rachael find out about Monica and Chandler’s relationship.

Funny Moments – Chandler controls his habbit of making fun when he saw Ross’s leather pants. When Ross got stuck in pants and took advice from Joey. He suggested some
weird way to put the pants but all gets failed. Monica clicking the photos all the time.

Favourite Dialogue

Joey: You don’t know!

Rachel: All right, how about I go over there and I will walk into Chandler’s bedroom and I will see that thing that I think that I know is actually the thing that
I think that I know!’


The One With Chandler In a Box

Season – Season 4, Episode 8

Plot – Chandler trying to apologize Joey but he is very upset with Chandler and decided to search new flat. Chandler can do anything to convince Joey to stay and
forgive him for kissing his girlfriend, Joey ask him to stay in a box for six hours then he will think about forgiving him. Chandler didn’t take the punishment
seriously and keep passing comments from inside the box.  Joey criticize him for this act, after this Chandler remain silent even when Kathy came to broke off him he
didn’t speak a word. Joey melts seeing that he is more important to Chandler than Kathy.
Monica get injury in the eye but she refused to go as his ex bf is her eye doctor. She convinced to go when she get to know that Richard is out of town. Richard’s
son treated her eye and she called him at home for date.

Funny Moments – Chandler commentary while inside the box. Everyone reaction on Monica and Richard’s son relation.

Favourite Dialogue

Chandler: The meaning of the box is three fold. One (holds a finger up through the air hole), it gives me the time to think about what I did. Two (holds up another
finger), it proves how much I care about my friendship with Joey. And three (holds up a third finger), it hurts!