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Simran suddenly woke up from the screaming of the children. She could travel from the plane but opted for train journey as she loves train journey. She is travelling from Delhi to Mumbai. She has not slept from 2 nights, past week was proven as most traumatic and hectic week of her life. Simran is a renowned doctor, born and brought up in Mumbai.

Whenever Simran closes her eyes Shabana appa face come before her eyes. This would never happen if she had said something. She will never forget that night. Shabana appa was like her mother and her situation was getting better. She should not left her with that immature and untalented junior doctor. She had a doubt that he was not a qualified  doctor and there was some problem with the selection procedure of the hospital but she ignored her instinct. He handled emergency situation terribly and now Shabana appa is no more.

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Gadget of social skills

I pick this topic from a site whose contest timeline is over but I write the blog anyway as I like the topic. The topic is “Invent a gadget what would it do?”

I like to invent a gadget that can guide a person with the normal social skills. This gadget will help with :

1. Anger management – I really think a gadget should be invented for anger management. When anyone is bursting with anger this gadget start beeping and help them to calm down.


2. Being polite – In certain company we have to hide our real self but habit can’t be changed easily so there this gadget will help us with it. When I am not behaving
correctly beep.


3. Sugar Coating the truth – Lying is bad but sugar coated truth are acceptable in our society. Sometimes we became Raja Harishchandra’s great grand son and
say harsh reality to the face of the person and that innocent human being become prey of our cruel habit. At some point of time, we all are not prepared to face
the truth and one should be sensitive towards others feelings.

Disclaimer – I don’t support liars but I am victim of being outspoken, people get easily offended.

'Jill's right. 'We offer a challenging work environment' sounds better than 'Welcome to the salt mines.''

Joy of Reading

Listening vs Reading books is not a very difficult question for me.

I found listening the book a bit hard because :


1. You have to be very attentive all the time. If one line is missed during the listening you missed the flow of book.


2. Sometime accent of speaker is not clear or different from our usual one.
3. Through reading you can feel the essence of book and you can feel the character it’s like watching a movie.

May be listening a book can help to non readers but if you love books I think reading is better way to take feel of it.

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Happy Mother’s Day !!!!

Every child says that his mother is the best mother in the world and for them she will be, but I have some different reasons for saying this. I lost my father in an accident when I was 10 years old. My mother was a housewife at that time, completely unknown to the all odds of the world. When my father was alive, she never wanted to work outside home, all she loves to do household work. But after my father’s death, she decided to do the job although elders of our family didn’t want her to go outside for a job but she did it only for us. She fought with everyone for us.

The woman who was not confident enough to talk with the strangers, gathered the courage to settle down in a new city, completely unknown to her. She had to deal with a lots of unknown people daily as she is working in public dealing section of a govt. office. The woman who has always done whatever others decided for her is taking major decisions of not only her life but for us also. Her one decision impacted my life, decision of doing job. The moment she decided to work, she has put a step forward for our bright future (me and my brother).

She wanted us to be independent after whatever happened to her, she didn’t want the same situation for us thus gave us freedom for taking our own decisions whether it’s a decision of choosing a career or a life partner. What I learnt from her “Life always gives us choices and our decisions creates our own destiny.”

The best part about her is all these problem she faced with the smile, I never able to find out how she can manage to smile in the difficult situations. I still have to grasp this quality from her. At the end, I want to say that “I have not achieved much, but whatever I have achieved because of her love and guidance”. This post is dedicated to my friend, philosopher and guide “My Mother”.


The Versatile Award

First of all, thank you so much Shweta for nominating me. “Saying Thanks” is a part of the rules, but I am not just following rules, I am really grateful, being new to the blogging world this kind of appreciation give enthusiasm for trying new things. It feels so good to be appreciated and it is also giving me a chance to appreciate my fellow bloggers so I am feeling like a winner. Shweta is a wonderful blogger. I am a great fan of her poems, her honest words have power to touch the soul. She writes @ Sunshine and Zephyr by Shweta



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Seven Facts About Me

1. Singing and sketching are my long lost hobbies. I have shared some of my sketches in this blog.

2. I am going to marry in next 15 days.

3. The day when I have started this blog, I came to know about my writing skills.

4. I am spiritual but not religious.

5. I trust my intuitions more than anything (for me, it’s like god’s will)

6. Still, I love watching cartoons like Aladdin, Duck tales.

7. I am a part of Art of Living community.


Now most difficult part of this process, “Nomination”. I will try to put some names but not able to complete all 15 as most of them already nominated by other bloggers.

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A Beard (Weird) Love Story

Past 3 months were very hectic for Adi, he is paying for wrong estimation that was sent to the client. He can’t blame anyone for his fault. He felt a bit relaxed now as the situation is now under control. Past month was a nightmare for him as he spent almost 18-20 hrs daily in the office, no time for food, family and his girlfriend Neelima. Neelima is in the same office, but he hardly got the time to meet her in past 3 months. Although she understands, but this time she is very angry. He finds it’s hard to placid her, after all he forgot to wish her birthday. Every year they spend quality time together on her birthday and this year even when she called him, he didn’t get time to talk to her. This makes her more upset.

He doesn’t know how to convince her for a date. Lots of ideas coming to mind but nothing concrete. He suddenly looked into the mirror and noticed that he was looking pathetic dark circles, dull face and thick layer of stubble. He gets an idea with this, if he meets Neelima with the face like this she will surely forget her anger. He decided not to shave and meet Neelima.

When Neelima saw Adi, she became more angry and said, “I know your project is live and you are free now. You didn’t get time to shave. You know I hate you seeing like this. I thought when you will be free, I will be able to see my old handsome Adi back, but you are impossible. Leave my way.” And with this Adi’s plan is failed. But he didn’t give up and tried a different plan. Firstly, he shaved the stubble and looked like more human. Then he bought some chocolate and flowers and booked
table in a Neelima’s favourite restaurant. Then he convinced Neelima’s friend to bring her over there. When Neelima saw all these arrangements done by Adi, she smiled and said, “I don’t want all these things but your time only. When you look dull I do not feel good.” This is a new lesson for Adi but he is happy now as Neelima has forgotten her anger.

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Being Father !!!

Today is the happiest day of Arun’s life, he has become the father of a girl. He was waiting for this happiness from a long time. Although he is already a father of a boy but he always wanted a daughter. He is singing loudly “Mere ghar aayi ek nanhi pari”.

After 3 years 

Now responsibilities of Arun are increased, his little fairy “Meera” is 3 years old. She will start going school this year. He is working hard day and night as he wants to give his family best things, but he doesn’t have time for family. Meera was upset with him as he was not present on her birthday party. Arun hardly gets time food, shaving is out of the question. Sometimes Meera got scared when he looked at him. He knows that distance between him and the family is increasing but he doesn’t know how to manage all the things? After all money is important for a good life. he doesn’t know when he spend time with Meera last.

Arun is coming back home late at night 12 o’clock. He is feeling drowsy due to tiredness but he has to drive the car no other option is available. Suddenly a truck came in front of her car. He pulls the break and saved a major accident. His heart is beating fast, he is thinking “What will happen if I died?”. He realized that he is missing real things in life. He came home and told everything to the wife. He hugged Meera tightly, she is surprised and said, “Who are you?” Arun is shocked and thinking “Why she said that?” and looked into the mirror “Oh..I am looking so lost and this beard”. Beard is keeping him away from his child.  He decided first task of the morning “shaving”. Meera is happy now, she gets her loving father back.

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