A Beard (Weird) Love Story

Past 3 months were very hectic for Adi, he is paying for wrong estimation that was sent to the client. He can’t blame anyone for his fault. He felt a bit relaxed now as the situation is now under control. Past month was a nightmare for him as he spent almost 18-20 hrs daily in the office, no time for food, family and his girlfriend Neelima. Neelima is in the same office, but he hardly got the time to meet her in past 3 months. Although she understands, but this time she is very angry. He finds it’s hard to placid her, after all he forgot to wish her birthday. Every year they spend quality time together on her birthday and this year even when she called him, he didn’t get time to talk to her. This makes her more upset.

He doesn’t know how to convince her for a date. Lots of ideas coming to mind but nothing concrete. He suddenly looked into the mirror and noticed that he was looking pathetic dark circles, dull face and thick layer of stubble. He gets an idea with this, if he meets Neelima with the face like this she will surely forget her anger. He decided not to shave and meet Neelima.

When Neelima saw Adi, she became more angry and said, “I know your project is live and you are free now. You didn’t get time to shave. You know I hate you seeing like this. I thought when you will be free, I will be able to see my old handsome Adi back, but you are impossible. Leave my way.” And with this Adi’s plan is failed. But he didn’t give up and tried a different plan. Firstly, he shaved the stubble and looked like more human. Then he bought some chocolate and flowers and booked
table in a Neelima’s favourite restaurant. Then he convinced Neelima’s friend to bring her over there. When Neelima saw all these arrangements done by Adi, she smiled and said, “I don’t want all these things but your time only. When you look dull I do not feel good.” This is a new lesson for Adi but he is happy now as Neelima has forgotten her anger.

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Being Father !!!

Today is the happiest day of Arun’s life, he has become the father of a girl. He was waiting for this happiness from a long time. Although he is already a father of a boy but he always wanted a daughter. He is singing loudly “Mere ghar aayi ek nanhi pari”.

After 3 years 

Now responsibilities of Arun are increased, his little fairy “Meera” is 3 years old. She will start going school this year. He is working hard day and night as he wants to give his family best things, but he doesn’t have time for family. Meera was upset with him as he was not present on her birthday party. Arun hardly gets time food, shaving is out of the question. Sometimes Meera got scared when he looked at him. He knows that distance between him and the family is increasing but he doesn’t know how to manage all the things? After all money is important for a good life. he doesn’t know when he spend time with Meera last.

Arun is coming back home late at night 12 o’clock. He is feeling drowsy due to tiredness but he has to drive the car no other option is available. Suddenly a truck came in front of her car. He pulls the break and saved a major accident. His heart is beating fast, he is thinking “What will happen if I died?”. He realized that he is missing real things in life. He came home and told everything to the wife. He hugged Meera tightly, she is surprised and said, “Who are you?” Arun is shocked and thinking “Why she said that?” and looked into the mirror “Oh..I am looking so lost and this beard”. Beard is keeping him away from his child.  He decided first task of the morning “shaving”. Meera is happy now, she gets her loving father back.

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Lies Leads To Confusion

My roommate Mitali was in love with Shyam. We all belong to the same place Mandla, but Shyam’s parents shifted to Jabalpur. Mitali’s parents were very strict. They didn’t like Mitali’s relationship with Shyam. On the other hand my mother was always very cool and friendly with me, I share all secrets of mine with her. I told her about Mitali’s relationship and the problems that she was facing at her home.

After our 3rd semester exams was ended, we (me and Mitali) decided to go home. We had only option of bus travel to Mandla. Semester break was a month long and Shyam was upset that he has to stay away from Mitali for a month. He decided to come with us to Mandla to drop Mitali but Mitali refused as it was very risky. He tried to convince her,”I will be back from the Mandla Bus stand only. Nobody will know about it”. I also said Ok, so Mitali said yes. When we reached Mandla, Mitali’s alight before me as her house arrived early . My home was nearby bus stand, thus me and Shyam alight at bus stand. It was cold December days so I offer Shyam to have tea at my home. After lots of convincing he said yes, but he put a condition that I should not reveal his identity to my mother. I told him that my mother will not create any issues, but he didn’t listen. We arrived home and my mother opened the door.

Me : “Hi Mom.. This is Rahul and we are classmate.”

(I lied as I promised to Shyam)

Shyam : “Namaste Aunty. It was late so I thought I should drop her home”.

Mother : “Namaste Beta.. Its ok but Vartika you never told about him”.

Me : “Actually I didn’t know he was also from Mandla. We met in Bus only”.

(My heartbeat was getting faster as I was not habitual to lying)

Mother : “Oh ok.. Come beta have tea”.

Mother brought us some tea

Mother : “So beta where do you stay in Mandla”.

Shyam : “Aunty, my father was shifted to Jabalpur two years. I came here to meet a friend”.

Me : “Come on Shyam.. have tea”.

Slip off my tongue and all finished

Mother : “Did you say Shyam? Is he Shyam? Mitali’s boyfriend?”

Shyam was shocked.. almost reached to coma. I was confused and thinking, “Now how will I manage this mess”.

Shyam : “Aunty, I have to rush.. Need to complete some urgent work”.

He gave me a scary looks and rushed quickly.

Mother : “Is he Rahul or Shyam? What’s going here?”

Me : “He is Shyam”.

I told her whole story.

She laughed and said,”Why did you lied?”

Me : “I had no option”.

I smiled and say thank you to god for giving me such a wonderful mother.

Accepting Changes

Rohan never wants to be grown up. He always loved his carefree child life. Playing video games, watching cartoons, non stop eating and playing cricket with buddies are the integral part of his life. But now he is 15, he has to behave like a grown up. His friends love to run behind girls but he never takes much interest in all these things. His parents get irritated with his child like behavior.

One day his father tried to explain the importance of being grown up :

Father – “Son, I think you should start behaving maturely. We have to change ourself with time this is the rule of life. You should start taking responsibilities, enjoy your teenage life and last, but not least start shaving. Look at yourself you are looking like a “Loafer”.”

Rohan – “I don’t want to shave. I may get hurt, it looks so dangerous. You also don’t allow to touch me your razor before.”

Father – “At that time, you was a kid and the razor that we used was not so good. It was quite heavy and anyone can get easily by it. But these days gillete have given a good options, try them.”

Rohan – “I don’t want to.. leave me alone.”

One day, he saw a very pretty girl and lost all his senses. She has joined the school recently. Many times he tried to talk with her, but she always run away. One day he stopped her in the middle of the road while she was going home. The girl started screaming “Gunda, Gunda save me please, help me”. Then Rohan realized that all this happening because of his stubble. He said “Sorry” to her and left the place. After this incidence he decided to shave, now he realized that his father was right. He has to accept the changes and move on in life.

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5 Reasons to Watch PK

Well I like the movie, in fact I think it’s a must watch. Five reasons that give this movie place in my favourite list :

1. Aamir khan : Once again Aamir proved that he is the best. I think he believes in competing with himself. The child like innocence (especially cute baby like eyes) and the Bhojpuri accent combo is perfect.

2. A Riot of laughter : First half of the movie makes you laugh until your stomach hurts and the best part is the director tries to pass a good message through jokes. As these days most directors think that laughter could be created through double meaning jokes only, this will set a good example.

3. Family Entertainer : Whenever my family gathers in a festival or functions, we always plan to go movie. These days its getting hard to decide the movie, as almost all movies are like “Poori family dekh sakti hai par alag alag baith kar”, but PK is different you can go with family and enjoy together.

4. Nice Concept : People are comparing PK with OMG but I think they are different, messages are similar that’s why it seems alike. The director tries to describe how aliens(or newborn child) will see our world and our culture.

5. Not a single moment of boredom : The music is also good, I like the romantic song picturized on Anushka and Sushant. The Second half of the movie is a bit emotional but it didn’t bore me. Actually it makes me think that “Can we change the mentality of people around us?”

Kaise Banega Swachh India?

These days one topic is grabbing attention “Swach Bharat”. One thought that came to mind, are people really working for this campaign or it’s just a hype? Honestly, If any poll would be conducted for the same people will surely say it’s a hype. As many bollywood stars and PM Modi are connected to it, these things are grabbing attention. Looking it into another way, there is no harm in it. It doesn’t matter whether people are doing it for publicity or for genuine reasons, until it is for a good cause.

Why the success of “Swach bharat campaign” is so important?

1. The Roots of deadly epidemic disease – Primary reason of many diseases. These diseases can happen to anyone not only to the under privileged people, if you are keeping your house clean, but there is a drain blockage nearby then you can be a victim of malaria or dengue. The layer of faecal contamination in rivers and other waters is not just a human risk but other species will also effected, threatening the ecological balance of the environment. We all are responsible for this filthiness so this campaign is our moral responsibility.

2. We are topping the chart – Go to google search and type “top 10 dirtest cities or countries in the world”, there will be no single list that excludes India. Getting famous is good but getting notorious will never help. The reason for this problem is the mentality of the Indians. During my visit to Singapore, we have a group six friends. Some of them have a habit of throwing trash on the public places in India but they control this habit in Singapore as they fear of being caught and fined by the cop. We often say that mentality of Indian is hard to change but I think it can change if we have proper rules with proper implementation.

What we can do for it?

Well, Charity begins at home. First and foremost thing we need to change ourself, if you are doing anything wrong you can’t question others. We have to change our mentality,if we are using any public place or transport, please make sure that we are not giving any contribution in spreading trash. Secondly, stop your family and friends while they are disposing waste material in a public place. I want to share incidence happen with me, 2 months before swach bharat abhiyaan was launched :

There is a famous temple of God Ram at the place called Orchha near Jhansi. We have been to this place sometime back with family. Suddenly my mother has dropped a trash on roadside, there was a dustbin nearby but she didn’t notice it or we can say that she ignored it completely. My brother was observing all this ahd he said :

My Brother(Nikunj) : Mom, why you dropped trash on the road? dustbin is placed nearby put this trash on it.

Mother : It doesn’t make any difference, I have already dropped it on road. Now I can’t pick it. Let it be there only.

Uncle interupted in between : I think Nikki is right, you should not drop that trash on the road.

Mother : Look around everyone is doing the same thing. There is more trash around dustbin than inside it.

Nikunj : So we also do the same, this is wrong.

Nikunj picked up the waste and dropped it inside dustbin. My uncle appreciated this act and I got the lesson that “When you realize anything is wrong, say it”

I am not saying this incidence has changed my mother’s mentality, but atleast my brother has raised his voice. Sometimes only thing we need to do is to “Speak Up”. One step taken by you can create the difference. You have clean your sweet home many times, now it’s time to clean the country which is also part of your house. For participating in this campaign you can join hands with NDTV also, for further details check out this link http://swachhindia.ndtv.com/