Passion – Feeling which keeps you Alive

Well, passion is really a big word. Sometimes, we don’t understand the difference between hobby and passion.Passion involves interest, love and a bit of madness. It gives us tranquility.We never get tired while doing things for which we are passionate about.If you are passionate about something you would try to connect with it in any way. But sometimes circumstances don’t allow us to do this also.
Reading is my passion which is not lost completely, but I do not get much time to pursue it. I reached in different world while reading my favourite books.It helps me to forget my problems. Reading also give chance to learn few new things so I believe in saying that “Books are our best friend”.


The World of Animated Movies Part – 2!!!

On continuation of The World of Animated Movies !!!

Toy Story Series – The story of revolves around Toys which came alive when no human being was around. I love the concept sometimes I wonder how creative teams think in this way. The relationship of child and toys is portrayed very well. Every phase of toy’s life cycle like when a child is small they love toys and when they grows older there priority changes and
toys feel ignored.


Monster Inc and Monster’s University – This movie break the stereotyped thinking that only goody woody can rule the screen. Who can think that a movie based on super villain of our life can become so popular and monsters can seems lovable. The concept of horrible looking monsters doing the job of scaring the child, but actually they are scared of them and
getting energy through children’s screaming is very innovative. There are few scenes that gave you stomach ache laughter like when a kid enters into the monster’s world. I think it’s a must watch.


Finding Nemo – This movie has everything that you expect from any movie humor, emotions, good animation, suspense and a good message. It is a story of an overprotective father who lost his son and during his search he met few under water creatures which give him some lessons. The best part is people of every age group can connect with the story.



Megamind – I will not use any big words for the movie only one line “I like the movie so it is in the list”. Megamind who is a super villain has a hidden good side which he eventually get to know. Fews scenes are very funny. I like the look given to the character of Megamind, completely blue and big bald head.


Aladdin – I love watching Aladdin’s cartoon whether it’s a movie or a tv series. I am watching this series since childhood. Other than Aladdin I love the character of Genie. I think the series become lifeless without him.



Alvin and the Chipmunks – Who will not love cute small lovable Chipmunks and the Chipettes? The Stories of Chipmunk series are not that great but I like the way it is presented. Watching them dancing and singing itself a treat.


To Be Continued..

Pioneer of Bollywood Thriller Movies – Mahal

Disclaimer – I am not recommending anyone to watch this movie. This post is the way to share my feelings.

My first post that has disclaimer on the top. It is because of the reaction of my husband after watching this movie. I never watched any of the 40s movie as our 3D generation is not habitual of black and white movies. The movie without colour it’s hard to imagine. But I like the subject of this movie and rest of the reasons are :

– It was the directorial debut of famous director Kamal Amrohi.
– First suspense thriller movie of Bollywood (as per Wikipedia)
– Gorgeous Madhubala and Handsome Dadamuni Ashok Kumar
– The film give rise to the stars like Madhubala and Lata Mangeshkar

The movie is a bit slow, its hard to digest. Story is not that catching but the cinematography is very good. Last 30 mins of movie is quite interesting
as it contains the main suspense.  Considering the generation of 40s when it was made, it was great thing to create movie like this. So I can say that Kamal Arohi Sir has given a good start to the thriller movies in India. We appreciate your contribution to Indian Cinema sir.

The World of Animated Movies !!!

If anyone gives the definition of good movie first line would be it made us feel to be the part of different world and when we are talking about animated movies, it is more like we are the part of someone else imaginary world which is full of colors, beautiful sceneries and pretty characters. Anything is possible in that world animals can talk, house can fly, rat can cook etc, honestly this industry earns the money from the imagination. They keep happy the child inside you and that’s the reason people like it very much. Here is my favourite animated movies list that helps me to keep stress out of my life.

Inside Out – After watching this movie, I felt so good that first thing I have done was writing a post about it


Despicable Me – There are lots of things that compel you to watch this movie. First one is minions, you can guess level of popularity of this character when producer made the movie based on them, although it didn’t work. Second one is Agnes, cute little girl who lost her parents and wants to be adopted. Her cute looks and innocent talks are enough to win the hearts and the third one is story of the movie that shows that even bad guy can turn to good one when true love of family enters in his life.


Kung Fu Panda – This movie has everything you want action, comedy and emotions. I am sure it is on the top of everyone’s favourite list. The story is about a Panda to achieve his dream of being a kung fu hero which seems almost impossible. This movie has many inspirational lines included in dialogues which motivates you.


Ratatouille – This movie is very close to my heart because of some personal reasons. I know it’s hard to connect with the movie that says anyone can cook and shows rat cooking food. But if you watch it another way you will feel inspired by this movie. Few inspirational quote from the movie are really very good. My favourite one was said by Anston Ego (The Critic) “Not everyone can become a great artist; but a great artist *can* come from *anywhere*.”


How to Train your Dragon – The most beautiful thing about the animated movies are they show most complex issues in very simple way. Like in this movie, the thinking of father and son didn’t match. Father is expecting the son to behave in typical manner and adopt his fore father way of living. This is something happening in real world also sometimes people do not want to be changed. If someone thinks in a different way they don’t like it. Coming back to movie I will say it is the combo of great story with good presentation.


Tangled – Being a girl, I love fairy tales specially when princess have such a long and beautiful hair. It has prime factor that was expected from a movie “entertainment”. It is a visual treat. I can watch it many times.


Spirited Away – This movie revolves around 10 year old girl Chihiro(Sen) who stuck in the spirit’s world. The movie is like a fairy tale, it will keep you involved till end. If you like animated movies very much this would be different experience because Miyazaki has used traditional way of animation. Each character was mostly hand drawn. A difference that I felt while watching this movie that after certain point you forget that it’s an animated movie. It seems like characters are doing acting.


Do we know the meaning of freedom?

As per my observation on this topic everyone criticizes current scenarios, but nobody takes any needed steps for the same. Honestly, what we are during on our end? Even some people didn’t have time to cast the vote. How can we expect others to be patriotic? We love to dispose waste on roads, bribe others for our personal benefits(even sometimes when they don’t ask for it), if we notice something unfortunate on road while passing from there we don’t want to help, we hate to follow traffic rules and the list can go on. I think there is a need to improve ourself first, then to point others.

12 Angry Men

This movie is considered as classic but it didn’t get the success in box office. The whole movie shot inside a room only, no songs, no fancy locations, no love affairs. This kind of movie grab attention because of its actors and story line only.

The movie moves in a unpredictable way. It starts with 12 men (part of the jury) entering into the room for a trial of a murder. Most of them are not interested in the case as they believe it is the open and shut case. In order to get wind up trial early they decided to take the votes of jury members so they can rush to their home early. They got shocked when one person vote against majority. How the facts came into the picture as movie moves ahead?

I like analysis done by the main character of the movie played by “Henry Fonda”. He presents the jury different point of view to look into the situation. May be some people find movie quite boring but if you like something analytical you may find it interesting. Hindi movie “Ek Ruka Hua Faisla” is inspired by this movie.

Inside Out

After a long time, I have watched an awesome animated movie. Honestly, I can relate with this movie. Director has beautifully described the functioning of mind, must say good home work on psychology of a child mind. It has mind blowing animation and If you are going for 3D then your will be next 1 hr 42 min in different world. I like the way they keep
memories so many colors at the same time. It’s a visual treat.


We always try to imagine how do our mind works. This movie gives a superficial picture 🙂 I know something new about my mind and emotions. Offcourse they are imaginary but somewhere I can relate to them. Joy is the main character of the movie. She has the main control. Sadness, disgust, fear and anger are supporting her but they have equal importance too. Actually this is the main theme of movie every emotion has its own value, own role in our life. Sometimes we are so obsessed with happiness that forget the value of sadness. Sadness makes us close to the reality.It is also an integral part of the life and we can’t ignore this fact.


Bing Bong, the imaginary friend of Riley. I salute director for creating this character, combination of cat, elephant and dolphin.Lost in long term me memory of Riley. His sacrifice for joy will make you cry. This will convince us to accept the reality that while growing up we will forget few things that belongs to our childhood and that’s life.

INSIDE OUT – Pictured (L-R): Bing Bong, Sadness, Joy. ©2015 Disney•Pixar. All Rights Reserved.
INSIDE OUT – Pictured (L-R): Bing Bong, Sadness, Joy. ©2015 Disney•Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

The movie is not for kids, its hard for them to understand the concept (for some grown ups also 😉 ). But they will like the animation. At the end want to say it’s a terrific movie, if you like animations and emotions this movie is for you.


Live in the moment