Beauty At its best

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Beautiful flower blossom in my little garden


Motivational Quotes

  • Failure is the opportunity

To begin again. This time more


Henry Ford

  • Don’t waste your time

With explanations,

People only hear what

they want want to hear

– Paulo Coelho

  • Many of life’s failure are

people who didn’t realize

How close they are success

when they gave up.

Thomas Edison

#MenToo movement

I have to admit that I didn’t understand the need of this movement until I have not read TOI Sunday Special page dedicated to it. It seems like reflex of #metoo movement which is understandable as there are many fraud cases came to picture after that movement.

Recent case of TV actor Karan Oberoi gain my attention. He was arrested under false charges of rape which is heartbreaking. Unfortunately, these days some women use this word for their personal benefit. It is impossible to understand the mentality of this tribe, they are insulting the innocent rape victims and dent the innocuous man’s image.

As TOI articles has suggested, in such kind of cases accuser should get the punishment if her allegations are proved wrong / baseless and identity of accused should be kept hidden.

P.S. – The comments in the post are given to the proven “fraud cases only”. It is completely my personal views and my intention is not to hurt anyone sentiments.


“It is a nightmare mom.” argued Shirley.

“But your father wants you to come. It will be our family time, I don’t understand your problem, we go camping every year.” replied mother

“I already told you that I don’t like camping. No decent toilets, horrible food. How can anyone liked it? Also, I want to spend the holidays with my friends.”

Mother decided not to force her.

Holidays started Shirley’s mom dad left for camping and her friends came to spend holidays with her.

One day while watching TV Shirley noticed her father’s car number was displaying. It was a car crash news. All the people present in the car died. She was numb.

The ordeal has begun, police called her to confirm the details and discuss the further procedure. The worst part was only she can remember now was the last conversation with her mother about camping.

The door bell rang, she opened the door. It was her mother alive, “Oh dear! Our car and mobile phone was stolen. Shirley hugged her mother tightly and sobbing with joy.

Photo credit Susan Spaulding

This post written for Sunday fiction

Why she is so upset?

Damini married to well educated and nice family. She is a post graduate and tried many times to get a decent job but luck doesn’t favour her efforts. Her husband Rajesh is a nice person and always support her endeavors. At last Damini decided to give all her time to family and give up the dream of getting job because she is now not as much interested as she was before.

Damini is a good housewife. Everyone always appreciates her. She likes this attention and likes to please everyone.

Priya, Rajesh’s distant relative came to spend holidays at Damini’s home. Priya is a working woman and her personality is very different from Damini. Damini didn’t like her much as she feel competitive around her but never reveals her true emotions.

Priya always get negative vibes from Damini but she ignores it as Damini was always met her warmly. Sometimes when Priya insist her on helping kitchen chores she always says no, even when she insist a lot Damini always find any excuse not to take help. Priya feels little odd, she always thinks, “she has so much workload. Why didn’t take any help from anyone?” She felt bad for her but what she can do, she never accept help.

Priya is taking walk on terrace. She is feeling very good. Taking deep breathes in fresh air always make her relaxed, suddenly some voices started coming from Rajesh’s room.

“I do everything, your so called cousin never offer any help. She is always behaves like princess. Nobody helps me in this house. I have to do everything alone.”

Priya was shocked, “how she can say such things? Why she is lying?” Such thoughts are coming in a minute interval. She saw Kanti chachi, she is looking at her.

Kanti chachi said, “Don’t get shocked beta, some people always seeks appreciation and attention that’s why they do such things. Put others in bad light”

Priya said, “Shall I talk to her? May be she will tell me what is wrong?

Kanti chachi,”No need she is just jealous of you. Forgive her and let it go.”

Priya started thinking may be chachi is right and it is the only to deal with her. She didn’t feel good to be around Damini so she decided to go back to the home.

The Great Wall Story

It’s Sunday, David is excited as every Sunday he goes for a walk with his father in the evening. They explore new areas of the city. This Sunday they were planning to go rock garden.

Once they reached rock garden, David started running all around, accidentally he hit with a wall.

He looked at wall curiously and asked his father, “This wall is so huge and also triangular in shape. Is there any significance of this wall? Is this related to Egyptian Mummies?”

Photo Credit: Susan Spaulding

Father replied, “No, it is not related to anything. It is just a wall”

He asked same question again and again. At last his father get annoyed and created a story. He said, “Yes,  it is related to Egyptian mummies. Egyptian want there culture to be expanded. So they created a pyramid over here also.”

David replied, “Really?”

Father said, “No, I had just weave that story because you were annoying me”

David get a bit upset but then smiled and said, “Sorry Father”.

Then they both started laughing.

This post is written for “Sunday Photo Fiction”.

Word count – 176

Siblings Bond

Photo copyright – J Hardy Carroll

Little Tanya always wanted a little brother but now when he is here, she didn’t like him very much. He gets all the attention from parents.

On her 6th birthday party, while playing hide and seek with friends, she saw a boy troubling his little brother. She didn’t like it and in fit of rage she pushed the boy. Parent punished her for this behavior but she was feeling good because the feeling of jealousy is gone now she understands the love for her brother.

Word count – 84

This is a effort to write story based on photo. Part of Friday Fictioneers, other posts can be found here