The Charity That Gives Empowerment

When I was a child, whenever I see a child begging it feels really bad. At that time first thought came to my mind is “he is of the same age as me, then why he is begging and not going to the school. Don’t he has parents who scold him? May be not, that’s why he is begging.. I will surely do something for such kind of children when I will be capable enough”. But when I became capable enough I didn’t get the time to think about them. Usually I donate money to NGO or give some pen, pencil, sweets to the children living in the NGO.

Sometimes I used to think that it is not enough to do this? but then the second thought came to my mind is what else anyone can do? We can’t interfere with any organization(NGO) work. We can only give suggestion to them, but can’t force to implement it. Then these words came to my mind “Shiksha se bada dan koi nahi hota”(Education is the best charity).The person who is teaching to an underprivileged is doing the best charity. As education gives the power of analyzing the things. There are few organizations working for this noble cause. The people linked to these organizations spare one hour from their daily routine to teach the children who can’t afford education. Currently, I have not started working for such kind of organization but surely I will do it very soon.


8 thoughts on “The Charity That Gives Empowerment”

  1. Vartika, I was pleased to see the introduction to this post! I have always believed that it is pure luck that some persons like us were born in families that could provide us food, clothing, shelter, education, etc., etc., and that it is our duty to help those who do not have families and those whose families cannot provide education or sometimes even food, clothing and shelter.

    I wish that you can convert your noble intention (of spending a part of your time to teach poor children) into action very soon!


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