Faith Vs Fear – Reason for Worshiping God

I would like to share the reason for selecting this topic. On Diwali evening, one of my relatives came to our house for giving Diwali wishes. Let me first explain the background of this relative of mine. He was a very successful businessman, due to some unfavourable conditions he lost all of this wealth and goodwill in the market so he decided to wind up his old business and started a new one. His family refused to give him any support (may be they have their own reasons, I can’t blame them). In short, he lost everything in a very small time. Back to my Diwali story, he came to our house and my mother asked him for dinner. His answer makes us a bit surprised, “No, I have to rush quickly. It’s getting late and I have to perform the Diwali Punjan at my shop”. Only thing came to mind, “He still has faith in God. A person who lost faith in relations, who lose all hopes of getting his old life back, have still faith in God..amazing”.

Among all creatures in the world, man is considered as the most selfish creature. It is the fact that can’t be denied. Nobody ever taught us how to use people for our benefit, but we learn it by ourself it’s a kind of inbuilt characteristic. If we came to know that, by breaking a coconut in a temple or tying a red cloth to a holy tree our wish will come true, one will do it with any kind of means. Suddenly, faith in God will arise and if that wish will not fulfill, faith will vanish.

Honestly, in India you will find more temples than schools. I understand our religious values, but the question is, “Do we need these many temples?” If a person is visiting temple regularly, he is pure?”. Few lines that often used by my elders when I stop them from fasting (as fasting is not for their health) “I used to do this fast from long time, if I stop doing it, god will become angry and something bad will happen” “You know when a lady from our neighbour stop doing it, her husband met with an accident” and so on… I believe in fasting, but my reasons are different. Please don’t mix fasting with hunger strike that was done to torture god, “If I will not get this, I will not have food”.

Visiting temples, fasting, reciting mantra are the best ways of getting peace of mind. These are the ways to connect to our inner self, to know who you are and to whom you belong to (your soul). If these things are performed with love, then one can get peace of mind and right direction in life, but if reason of worshiping God is terror or greed, then one will get disappointed only.


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