To Write Is To Live Forever

It is said that writing has the power to bring the changes. It is the weapon if properly used can change one’s life or nation’s fate. Here are some points about the power that writers have :

1.  Writers are immortal –  There is a quote about writing

              “To write is to live forever”

Everyone has to die one day and leave all the belongings on earth. It’s nice to collect new toys and buy the latest gadgets, but you can’t really take these with you to the grave. But people can be known through their words. We all admire William Shakespeare, although we never met him. God’s preaching is living forever on earth through Bhagvad Geeta.

2. No boundaries exists for writers – Writer does not follow any boundaries. We do not discriminate among writers while picking books and never say that he belongs to a certain community so I will not read this book or vice-versa , writers never say that this book does not belong to certain community and reader should not pick this. A true writer always wants to reach more and more people. Writing has become their religion.

3. Giving words to imagination – Writers conveys not only thoughts but their feelings to the audience. The writer gives words to the imagination, for example J.K Rowling has created a different world of magic. They share their imagination with us and portray it so well that we feel like part of it.

4. Writing can create revolution –  If conveyed properly, the ideas that keep stirring in our mind can create a revolution. Writing is the best way to share your thoughts. We all know how the newspaper has helped during the independence struggle. In several countries abroad, especially in the West, newspapers have power to make and break governments; but in India newspapers do not carry much weight.

If a writer uses their ability in proper direction they can create a revolution like story with proper message can teach people while entertaining them.


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