My Experience With Spirits !!!!


I had tried planchit during my college days when I was living in the hostel. Honestly, I was a bit scared, but more excited as I always want to do this. We have put the alphabets A-Z and numbers on paper. We have drawn a circle in which a coin is placed and other two circles with “Yes” and “No”. We have decided to call the spirit of an unknown person.

The girl who has expertise on this, instructed us to put a finger on the coin and not to remove it until the completion of plancit.
As she began the process of calling the soul. My anxiety increased and lots of questions coming across my mind.. what if soul
refuses to go? I should not do this. But its late to think about it. I have to face the consequences of my action. Suddenly I feel a force on my finger and I realized thatΒ soul has arrived. We started asking questions. It was soul of male who died in an accident. We have asked few question about our future. To my surprise, soul is replying the same answer that we were thinking at that time. Then, the line said by the girl (who has experience about it) came to mind that souls can’t predict actual future they will say what you were thinking at that time( I am not sure whether it’s true or not). After half an hour we had send him back and thankfully, he went back without any problem. After all this, I realized that we have actually
put our life in danger. What will happen if anything goes wrong, it was not at all a sensible act to annoy the element of different world just for fun. I had decided not to be part of this kind of act in future.

This post is written for Indispire :Β Do you have a Ghost Experience? Do you wanna share it? Well now is the time πŸ™‚ #ShareYourGhostStory



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