My Inspiration !!

From OR to AND, this reminds only one woman “My Mother”. Every child says that his mother is the best mother in the world and for them she will be, but I have some different reasons for saying this. I lost my father in an accident when I was 10 years old. My mother was a housewife at that time, completely unknown to the all odds of the world. When my father was alive, she never wanted to work outside home, all she loves to do household work. But after my father’s death, she decided to do the job although elders didn’t want her to go outside for a job. Even she was unwilling to do the same but she did it only for us. She fought with everyone for us.

The woman who was not confident enough to talk with the strangers, gathered the courage to settle down in a new city, completely unknown to her. She had to deal with a lots of unknown people daily as she is working in public dealing section of a govt. office. The woman who has always done whatever others decided for her, now she is taking major
decisions of life. Her one decision impacted my life, the moment she decided to work she put a step forward for our bright future (me and my brother).

She wanted us to be independent after whatever happened to her, she didn’t want the same situation for us thus gave us freedom for taking our own decisions whether it’s a decision of choosing a career or a life partner. What I learnt from her “Life always gives us choices and our decisions creates our own destiny.”

The Best part is all these problem she faced with the smile, I never able to find out how she can manage to smile in
the difficult situations. This thing I still have to learn from her “positive attitude”. At the end I want to say that “I have not achieved much, but whatever I have achieved because of her love and guidance”.

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4 thoughts on “My Inspiration !!”

  1. The mother, whatever be her capabilities, education, finances etc is the major source of strength of her children in terms of personality development on which foundation alone the rest of the progress in one’s life comes thru’…. I might have missed many things in my life but growing by mom’s side made me to day the man of true inner strength…. Hats off to all those mothers who are doing a yeoman service to the society at large…. Best Wishes!

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  2. I so wish your post is selected. I salute your mum and she is a role model to you and me as well. I can so understand all the hurdles she faced to give her children a better future.

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