The Great Indian LitterBug

Yes, I reached safely.. yes, yes, yes. I am so happy that I have managed to reach this party without a single spot on my dress. I remember last incidence when I was a novice driver and didn’t know the actual rules of going out on Indian roads and got the stain of banarasi pan on my new dress. I was thinking it’s enough to know traffic rules, but there are some other rules also that every Indian should know, Whether you are not driving or sitting behind or walking on the street or travelling on public transport, the moment you are out of your home war is on.

Rule no#1 – If you are passing from a lane that have few balconies then be careful any moment you can get a shower or anything unwanted can land on your head. So, it’s better to avoid that path or wear a helmet because the person who is throwing out the things from the balcony will not think about you but it’s your responsibility to save yourself.

Rule no# 2 – If you are going on a two wheeler then it’s better to keep a distance from the vehicles going by side wards. Yes, as per traffic rules it will avoid accidents (anyways accident happens more to them who follow traffic rules) but it will surely save you from the person who can probably spit on you as you are coming in between him and road so it’s your fault.

Rule No# 3 – If any four wheeler is coming from behind please, please give them side and maintain a safe a distance from it. Again, you are thinking about traffic rules no buddy it’s for your safety. The moment they bought four wheeler they owned the road as well, they can put loud music or throw waste from window after all they have more money than you (that’s why you are on the two wheeler). So it’s your responsibility to save yourself and when you will buy four wheeler you will do the same thing.

Well, there are other rules also but we will discuss them later. Let’s get back to my story, I wanted to attend the marriage party of my friend and I was already late, could not change the dress on marriage venue. So I have decided to take the risk of changing the dress at home and then driving. Thanks to all gyaan that I have got from my previous experiences, I reached safely. Yippy, I am so happy feeling like a winner. Now it’s time to get in. Someone is washing the floor, why he is the washing floor now, when the guests has already started arriving. I will wait and let him complete. He has completed the washing now, time to get in… a..n..d oh no he threw the waste water on me.. Oh god my dress is gone.. Well rules are not applicable for Indian roads only.. stupid me 😦

This post is written for The Great Indian Litterbug

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