A Beard (Weird) Love Story

Past 3 months were very hectic for Adi, he is paying for wrong estimation that was sent to the client. He can’t blame anyone for his fault. He felt a bit relaxed now as the situation is now under control. Past month was a nightmare for him as he spent almost 18-20 hrs daily in the office, no time for food, family and his girlfriend Neelima. Neelima is in the same office, but he hardly got the time to meet her in past 3 months. Although she understands, but this time she is very angry. He finds it’s hard to placid her, after all he forgot to wish her birthday. Every year they spend quality time together on her birthday and this year even when she called him, he didn’t get time to talk to her. This makes her more upset.

He doesn’t know how to convince her for a date. Lots of ideas coming to mind but nothing concrete. He suddenly looked into the mirror and noticed that he was looking pathetic dark circles, dull face and thick layer of stubble. He gets an idea with this, if he meets Neelima with the face like this she will surely forget her anger. He decided not to shave and meet Neelima.

When Neelima saw Adi, she became more angry and said, “I know your project is live and you are free now. You didn’t get time to shave. You know I hate you seeing like this. I thought when you will be free, I will be able to see my old handsome Adi back, but you are impossible. Leave my way.” And with this Adi’s plan is failed. But he didn’t give up and tried a different plan. Firstly, he shaved the stubble and looked like more human. Then he bought some chocolate and flowers and booked
table in a Neelima’s favourite restaurant. Then he convinced Neelima’s friend to bring her over there. When Neelima saw all these arrangements done by Adi, she smiled and said, “I don’t want all these things but your time only. When you look dull I do not feel good.” This is a new lesson for Adi but he is happy now as Neelima has forgotten her anger.

This post is a part of #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette


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