Shun the Pseudo Liberalism

These days our Indian society (specially Indians on social media) can be divided into 3 groups

1. Liberals – Basic definition of a liberal is a open minded person who supports democracy, secularism, freedom of speech etc thoughts but in India this definition is now changed. A person who oppose all decision of BJP govt and use ill words against our PM are liberals.

2. Nationalist – A person who is loyal to one’s nation is called Nationalist. In India this definition is also changed to one who support Mr. Modi’s ideas, but I think few true nationalist still exist in our country.

3. Blind supporters – An example can define this category, few days ago when “Unnao case” was came into light. A BJP MLA was accused in this case. Few BJP supporters became so aggressive that they started using foul language and giving irrelevant examples. These people instead of forcing the govt to punish the accuse they are supporting him. These people are called blind supporters.

Recent comment of Sonam Kapoor on BBC created a buzz in social media. She was upset about Indian govt decision to boycott any kind of relationship with Pakistan. She said, “I want Neerja to be released in Pakistan”. The people like Sonam Kapoor are called “Psuedo Liberal” or “Anti- Nationalist” they always see one side of coin and never understand the ground reality. These kind of people are blaming current govt to divide the country but most religion oriented comments are coming from them. You will get the proof in subsequent picture.

What is the meaning of above picture. I am ashamed that you people belong to my country. You don’t deserve India and to be called Indian please leave this country.

It’s okay to disagree with govt decision as this is a democratic country and everyone has freedom of speech but supporting India’s enemy in the name of liberalism is wrong. Opposing the decision of govt when it is in favour of nation is wrong and supporting someone blindly is also wrong.

This post written for Indispire topic :

Time to revisit nationalism, patriotism, chauvinism, and anti-nationalism in the garb of freedom of speech

8 thoughts on “Shun the Pseudo Liberalism”

  1. If Sonam Kapoor wants for Neerja to be released in Pakistan, she should talk to Pakistan government. It is Pak government that has banned screening of Bollywood films. Our government has acted on an administrative decision that they have deemed fit. Friendship happens with people that reciprocate friendship and not try to kill us at every opportunity.

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