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#MenToo movement

I have to admit that I didn’t understand the need of this movement until I have not read TOI Sunday Special page dedicated to it. It seems like reflex of #metoo movement which is understandable as there are many fraud cases came to picture after that movement.

Recent case of TV actor Karan Oberoi gain my attention. He was arrested under false charges of rape which is heartbreaking. Unfortunately, these days some women use this word for their personal benefit. It is impossible to understand the mentality of this tribe, they are insulting the innocent rape victims and dent the innocuous man’s image.

As TOI articles has suggested, in such kind of cases accuser should get the punishment if her allegations are proved wrong / baseless and identity of accused should be kept hidden.

P.S. – The comments in the post are given to the proven “fraud cases only”. It is completely my personal views and my intention is not to hurt anyone sentiments.