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Knowledge is the key to Success

There is a joke circulating these days on whatsapp about engineering college teachers and students

An announcement was made in a plane full of engineering faculty

“You will feel proud to hear that this plane is created by your students.”

After listening to the announcement all the teachers got scared and get down from the plane except the Principal of the college.

Teachers to the Principal – “You have that much confidence in your students.”

Principal – “I am confident about my students abilities, this plane will not start. So don’t worry nothing will happen.”

This is how our education system is working. Lecturership/ Teachership is not a dream job. Sometimes, I saw people who didn’t get any job will become a teacher.

On this subject I want to share one incidence, my neighbour requested me to teach her daughter. She was 7 years old at that time and studying in 2nd standard. I gave her tuition for a month then I came to know, she was also taking tuition from her class teacher. I had a chat with her mother :

Me – “Why she is taking tuition from two teachers? If you don’t like the way of my teaching  please tell me, I will stop taking her tuition.”

Her Mother – “Actually, she(other teacher) is her school teacher. You are clearing her basics, but she can help her to get more numbers.”

I was shocked by her answer.

Me – Please don’t do this to her. In this way she will get puzzled and also didn’t time for the self study or playing. I don’t want to continue the tuition.

I never did this for money , I want my student to learn something. This incidence disappointed me and I have decided not to take any more tuitions. You can’t change
anyone mentality if parents himself want their child to be part of rat race nothing can be done. They don’t have time to see what children are learning, only they are concerned about marks/grades. Only memorizing the words and vomiting the same on question paper will not increase the knowledge.

I can’t force the govt. to change the education system, but parents can change their way of thinking. If they encourage their child to understand the subjects rather than just memorizing it. Today we are getting the help of internet with which nothing is impossible, on any subject you tube video is available. If teachers are not good in school you can help your child in the following way :

-> Share in depth knowledge with them regarding the subject which is required at initial stage.
-> Give them the habit of self study,
-> Built the habit of asking “why” to themselves.
-> Let them understand the things through pictorial description or can search video from internet.

I am sure this will help in some way because this strategy is working in my career and if it is not working then we have always last option to blame the education
system anyway 😉

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