Mahabharat In Today’s Life

I have chosen a bit different topic this time,got the inspiration from TV series airing on star plus.Personally, I was never interested in this epic as I found it very confusing. But after understanding it through this TV series, I observed some interesting incidents with great teachings in this epic.

People found its character more realistic in comparison to other epic, the grounds may be every character belongs to it have some negative points unlike Ramayan. My favourite scene (in TV series) is when Krishna tries to console Draupadi after her humiliation in a dice game. Krishna preaches her to forgive Duryodhana and others in order to get the mental peace. He advises her to punish them, but not in order to take revenge only set an example. Mostly people misunderstood the Kurushetra war happen because Pandavas wants to take the revenge, but this is not true.

The reason of war is the silence of the great people when misdeed is happening in front of them, we can easily connect this to the present day people with great knowledge and power opt to remain silent when something wrong is going in front of them. Today, rapist didn’t get the death penalty, but in this epic Dushasan is brutally killed by Bhima as he misbehaved with the woman. At the time of Dushasan’s death Bhima said to him, “By killing you in this way,I am setting an example for the person who misbehave with the woman”.

Some people say that if Krishna was a deity,then why he tricked the Kaurvas and not opted right way to punish them. This argument is similar like if we say traffic cop is breaking rules by speeding while at the same trying to do his job by catching hold of another speeder. You see there are certain occupations liberties that come with being a traffic cop. He has to do his job by violating the rules, there is no way around it. So is the case with Krishna.

It is said that in today’s life also people will get the solution of their problem in Bhagvad Geeta (conversation between Arjun and Lord Krishna before the war).But some small incidences of this epic also teach us a lot.bhagavad-gita_TEA9P_1359374115


If its not forever its not love..

Recently I have read a book titled “If its not forever its not love” . I found the title very interesting main reason to pick this book .The story revolves around 6 characters Deb, Avantika, Shrey, Tiya, RD and Rangini.
Two love stories are going simultaneously, one in flash back written in the diary and other in the present day. Both stories are written in different styles it can be easily recognized that the two writers are involved.I found diary one more interesting as it reflects the eternal love without expectations. Avantika is a very strong character, although somewhere writer repeats her positive points again and again.

I want to jump to the last chapter to know the ending of the dairy story, but when I reached there found ending a bit filmy. All in all it is a good book to read one time.


Yesterday, my brother told me about a contest related to entrepreneurship. If an idea is selected then the person
will get the amount of 1 million to start his own business and guidance from one of the leading entrepreneur.Two days ago, I came to know that our new PM Mr. Narendra Modi has created a new ministry for skill development and entrepreneurship. These things encourage frustrated employees like me who never wants to be slaves of the corporate world. So I have gone to the google and search for the “Top ten craziest business ideas” and found a list.

The ideas are really different and crazy, it includes Farmville also making money from virtual gold.But most innovative idea according to me come out from frustration and depression of a breakup “I Do,Now I Don’t”.A Mr. Josh Opperman’s fiancee left him after a three month engagement. All she left him was the engagement ring, when he took the ring back to jewelers to return it. They offer him $3,500 for the ring he paid $10,000.So he started, website named “I do, now i don’t”. On this website people can sell their engagement rings or any other fancy jewellery to other users.This site has been a great success and featured on CNN. Success idea coming out in a mind of the common man from a tragedy, now that’s encouraging.

At the end, the moral of the story is somewhere all of us have innovative business ideas and we can become entrepreneur But we are scared of the result and thus don’t want that idea to come out.