The author of Nirmala is Premchand.

Story –

Nirmala was about to get married in a week. Suddenly, the news of her father’s death changed the scenario. The groom’s family said no to marriage as they will not get any dowry. Resulting, she was forced to get married to a man who was 20 years older than her. Subsequent story is about how this marriage changed everybody’s life (including Nirmala ex- fiancee)?

My observation –

  • The characters of story do not have  positive or a negative trait, they are real life based characters. May be we can’t relate to story or characters now because this story was written in pre- independence era and people back then used to think and behave like these characters.
  • The problems like dowry and mismatched marriage were more common in that period. Writer emphasized on the fact how these malpractices can ruin the well established family.
  • Premchand’s ability to understand a women’s psychology was uncanny. He carved the character of Nirmala so well. He captured her every emotion closely during her 6 years of life span in the book . The change in her behaviour after the death of second stepson was so close to reality. We don’t expect protagonist to behave negatively in virtual world but in book Nirmala started behaving like a bad stepmother, cruel and uncaring. Her emotions was justified as all bad things happened to her made her stone hearted.

If you are reading Premchand’s novel be prepared for tragedies. At one point, I feel like “Can somebody please stop people from dying?” Whenever I feel like things are getting better, someone dies but I think people from that time period were that emotionally intense or may be it’s writer’s way to present his point. Normally, I avoid reading or watching melancholy stuff but this time I didn’t want to deprived myself with Premchand’s work.

I liked this book very much and will sure recommend it to all the readers interested in Indian literature.

4 thoughts on “Nirmala”

  1. ‘Nirmala’ is a pain-soaked stuff. As far as I am able to recall, a TV serial based on this story was also telecast on Doordarshan during the eighties. I have read a sizable part of Premchand’s work. I found Godan as the best novel penned by him. Your take on the book is praiseworthy. I am in agreement with your observations.

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