Luck by Chance

Luck by Chance is a movie featuring Farhan Akhtar and Kokana Sen. It is the first film of Zoya Akhtar (as a director). Current debate about struggles of an outsiders in bollywood reminds of this movie. This movie is a gem and depicts the bollywood correctly. It also talks about Nepotism which is ironic because main star cast and director belongs to film family.

The movie is about two characters Vikram and Sona who do not have any filmy background. As luck favours to Vikram, he quickly got the break in the big movie and forget about his struggling days girlfriend Sona who do not able to achieve anything big and forced to do Saas bahu serials on television.

Other characters of the movie are also very interesting like Rommy Rolly (played by Late Rishi Kapoor), producer of the movie who do not want to pay much to the newcomer as he is giving him big break, yesteryear heroine Neena Walia (Dimple Kapadia) whose daughter got the movie because of her name inspite of zero talent. Cameo role of Hrithik Roshan as Superstar Zaffar Khan gave a satirical effect which will make you laugh.

Another USP of the movie was music. Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy created magic and lyrics were also very good. Specially the lyrics of “sapno se bhare naina” will transport you to another world. I love these lines from this song :

“Door Hi Se Sagar Jise Har Koi Maane
Pani Hai Woh Ya Reth Hai Yeh Kaun Jaane
Jaise Ke Din Se Rain Alag Hai
Sukh Hai Alag Aur Chain Alag Hai
Per Yeh Jo Dekhe Woh Nain Alag Hai
Chain To Hai Apna Sukh Hai Paraye”

Everything we are noticing in debates these day you will find in this movie. A must watch.

2 thoughts on “Luck by Chance”

  1. Quite a timely reminder to watch this brilliant movie again. Hearty thanks (and I mean it). I had seen this movie on the big screen when it was released in the first month of 2009. And I was overwhelmed by the sincerity which this movie was made with. Entertainment apart, it allows a peep into the functioning of Bollywood and provokes thoughts in the viewer as regards the life in general. It may not be a perfect movie but definitely an admirable one studded with several pluses. I agree with every word penned by you in this post. And it’s one of the final screen appearances of late Mac Mohan (he repeats his Saambha dialog of Sholay before the students in the acting class).

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