Nepotism or Favouritism

An actor committed suicide a month ago and left us with this debate of nepotism. I agree with Jamie lever on this topic, “it’s favouritism not nepotism”. The problem is Sushant singh was not Ranvir Singh, a people pleaser. A glib talker always get his way.

One month ago nobody cares about Sushant Singh but now everyone wants to talk about him only.  Someone said on twitter, “people are behaving like they lost a scientist to bollywood” which is very accurate in this situation. Now public hate same  star kids who were there favorite a while ago.  I still remember when Taimur ali khan was born, media was getting obsessed with his photographs. Same Sushant singh was  ignored by public when Sara ali khan shared screen with him.

Any person who is different from others is always treated poorly. As they say “odd man out”. If people don’t understand your thoughts they can’t get along with you. You become alien for them.

The problem of favouritism exists everywhere, in every field, just do as they say and you will be there favourite then every door is open for you. You will get all the opportunities. Talent is not the only thing needed for steady growth, in fact sometimes in some fields it is last thing you need for success. Maintaining relationships is one of the important aspect to achieve anything in life as human is a social animal.

At the end, I will say that bashing Karan Johar will not change anything, may be he is biased but some people forget one thing he introduced Siddharth Malhotra (non filmy background) and Alia Bhatt from same film.

2 thoughts on “Nepotism or Favouritism”

  1. Your post is agreeable as this only is the fact. And I endorse each and every word of the second last para of this post as I have personally experienced it. Pointing a finger at someone is easy, changing the prevailing system isn’t.

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