Signing Off

Why I am leaving this city? She asked herself several times. There is no perfect answer.

Few years ago, everything was different, this place feels like a home. All of her friends were here. They all are gone now.

Is this the only reason?

No. I have to go because he is gone. This city remind of him and I can’t tolerate this anymore.

P.S. – This story is completely fictional any resemblance will be completely coincidence.

Photo Prompt © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

This post is written for Friday fictioneers

17 thoughts on “Signing Off”

  1. This is so melancholic, well described feelings of time changing all and loss. She’s wise to find a new challenge — if she doesn’t take her baggage with her.

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  2. You can runaway, move to the other side of the world even , which may help but erasing the memories is a completely different thing and much harder to do. Little things will remind her all the time and when she’s least expecting it. well done

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