“It is a nightmare mom.” argued Shirley.

“But your father wants you to come. It will be our family time, I don’t understand your problem, we go camping every year.” replied mother

“I already told you that I don’t like camping. No decent toilets, horrible food. How can anyone liked it? Also, I want to spend the holidays with my friends.”

Mother decided not to force her.

Holidays started Shirley’s mom dad left for camping and her friends came to spend holidays with her.

One day while watching TV Shirley noticed her father’s car number was displaying. It was a car crash news. All the people present in the car died. She was numb.

The ordeal has begun, police called her to confirm the details and discuss the further procedure. The worst part was only she can remember now was the last conversation with her mother about camping.

The door bell rang, she opened the door. It was her mother alive, “Oh dear! Our car and mobile phone was stolen. Shirley hugged her mother tightly and sobbing with joy.

Photo credit Susan Spaulding

This post written for Sunday fiction

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