The Great Wall Story

It’s Sunday, David is excited as every Sunday he goes for a walk with his father in the evening. They explore new areas of the city. This Sunday they were planning to go rock garden.

Once they reached rock garden, David started running all around, accidentally he hit with a wall.

He looked at wall curiously and asked his father, “This wall is so huge and also triangular in shape. Is there any significance of this wall? Is this related to Egyptian Mummies?”

Photo Credit: Susan Spaulding

Father replied, “No, it is not related to anything. It is just a wall”

He asked same question again and again. At last his father get annoyed and created a story. He said, “Yes,  it is related to Egyptian mummies. Egyptian want there culture to be expanded. So they created a pyramid over here also.”

David replied, “Really?”

Father said, “No, I had just weave that story because you were annoying me”

David get a bit upset but then smiled and said, “Sorry Father”.

Then they both started laughing.

This post is written for “Sunday Photo Fiction”.

Word count – 176

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