Women Who Inspired me

All the ladies reading this post, wishing you Happy Women’s Day. This is the only day when others realize there is something like womanhood exists, on others day
nobody cares. But some of us continue with the struggles and live life on our conditions. Society not only gives respect to such women but also their life become
inspiration for others. I want to share list of women who inspires me to become a good human being, give courage to stick my goal.

1. My Mother – My mother will be always top on this list. I have already shared my views in post Happy Mother’s Day !!!!
2. Kiran Bedi – I remember one interview of her that I have watched in my childhood. Most of the things I forget about that interview except one line “I have not wasted a single moment of my student life.” She shared some incidences like while going for tennis matches she used to do her studies during train journey etc.I think she is leading a meaningful life which inspires me a lot.

3. Mary Kom – I admire this lady for not only pursuing her dream but not to left it after marriage. It is not easy to career like boxing in our country and it becomes more harder to comeback after marriage with all the responsibilities. She inspires me for my second innings 🙂

4. Neerja Bhanot (AC) – It really great that Indian director and producer has started movies based on biopic. First time I heard about Neerja when the movie based on her started making. After watching this movie I was speechless. Yes.. its real.. I was convincing myself. She was the unusual combination of beauty, brain and courage. She is the inspiration for all Indians.

5.Smriti Irani – From a waitress to HRD minister, not an easy task. A person who rises from the ground knows the value of life and things that controls life which is visible on her face and speech.


6. Vidya Balan –  I heard in her interview that before getting success, producers from south don’t take her on film as they believe that she was a “Panoti”(Jinx) because of this she was thrown out from 25 films then she moved to Bollywood and keep following her dream and finally got success.




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