Pioneer of Bollywood Thriller Movies – Mahal

Disclaimer – I am not recommending anyone to watch this movie. This post is the way to share my feelings.

My first post that has disclaimer on the top. It is because of the reaction of my husband after watching this movie. I never watched any of the 40s movie as our 3D generation is not habitual of black and white movies. The movie without colour it’s hard to imagine. But I like the subject of this movie and rest of the reasons are :

– It was the directorial debut of famous director Kamal Amrohi.
– First suspense thriller movie of Bollywood (as per Wikipedia)
– Gorgeous Madhubala and Handsome Dadamuni Ashok Kumar
– The film give rise to the stars like Madhubala and Lata Mangeshkar

The movie is a bit slow, its hard to digest. Story is not that catching but the cinematography is very good. Last 30 mins of movie is quite interesting
as it contains the main suspense.  Considering the generation of 40s when it was made, it was great thing to create movie like this. So I can say that Kamal Arohi Sir has given a good start to the thriller movies in India. We appreciate your contribution to Indian Cinema sir.


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