12 Angry Men

This movie is considered as classic but it didn’t get the success in box office. The whole movie shot inside a room only, no songs, no fancy locations, no love affairs. This kind of movie grab attention because of its actors and story line only.

The movie moves in a unpredictable way. It starts with 12 men (part of the jury) entering into the room for a trial of a murder. Most of them are not interested in the case as they believe it is the open and shut case. In order to get wind up trial early they decided to take the votes of jury members so they can rush to their home early. They got shocked when one person vote against majority. How the facts came into the picture as movie moves ahead?

I like analysis done by the main character of the movie played by “Henry Fonda”. He presents the jury different point of view to look into the situation. May be some people find movie quite boring but if you like something analytical you may find it interesting. Hindi movie “Ek Ruka Hua Faisla” is inspired by this movie.


8 thoughts on “12 Angry Men”

  1. i saw the Indian adaptation of the movie by Basu Chaterjee named “Ek Ruka Hua Faisla”.

    This is one of those few movies where the remake was as good as the original. The performance by Pankaj Kapoor was above all for me.

    Good that you added this movie to this list…………. \,,/

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