Are You Supporting a Right Person?

Salman Khan’s blind fan following always surprises me. I can digest that his fans can make an illogical movie “Blockbuster” but they are supporting him for committing a homicide. Homicide means killing a human being and for your information a human being was killed in Bandra incident. Even after committing this serious crime the actor (so-called founder of “Being human” organization) did not have the decency to accept it but he is putting all the blame on his driver.

More surprising and embarrassing part is the whole bollywood fraternity is supporting him. They are the same people who made touching movies on under privileged people and law manipulations. Can’t they see how Salman khan tried to manipulate the witnesses? Some witnesses have also complained that they got the threat calls.

These are the lines from Times of India :

“We watch his movies, but hate him”: Bakery worker (Victim)

“Stories that Salman helps poor are myth” : Victim

Initially, Abdulla had the feeling of punishing Salman for running the bakery workers lives. “But gradually I accepted the reality.He is big man, we cannot harm him,” said Abdulla. (Victim)

In 2007, after the court’s direction, four injured victims got compensation of Rs 3 lakh each. Abdulla said that they actually got only Rs 1.8 lakh, as each of them had paid Rs 1.2 lakh as legal charges. Abdulla said that he paid his creditors after receiving the compensation.

(May be no money was left in the “Being Human” organisation’s account)

Still, you want to support him, then there is a big question mark on the India’s youth mentality.

10 thoughts on “Are You Supporting a Right Person?”

  1. Rightly pointed out Vartika. People are not even realising what they are doing and who they are supporting. Few even using this platform and tweeting just for their popularity sake. Highly pathetic!

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  2. People just follow celebrities in India blindly. I see so many of us commenting on photos of them on FB, without even realizing that it’s their PR agency that’s running the account and they will never be replied. Sheer Madness!

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