The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side !!!

If someone asks me, “what is the most difficult thing in the world?” I would say, “Being happy” why? because we always compare our current situation with others. 90% people do 90% of the things in daily life because others are doing the same thing. May be we think if a certain things are making them happy they will make us also happy. Some people force their children to pursue engineering because “Pados wala ladka” got a good job in MNC. It doesn’t matter whether their children want to do it or not.

There is one incidence that always makes me laugh related to the same situation, 2 years back when we got our appraisal letter one of my colleague was very happy as the hike was greater than his expectation but after sometime his happiness was vanished as he came to know that his friend got a bit more hike than him.

We always found other people task easier and better. If India loses match everyone start blaming the players even I have heard some people saying like the captain should not allow this player to play matches. We often give judgement to other’s situations also “You have behaved stupidly in that situation” or “This is not such a big task you have taken lots of time” or “You have lot of money, then why you are upset?” Everyone has their own challenges you have no rights to judge them. Even when a child starts walking, its big challenge for him but it is an easy task
for you.

There are some moments in life when we look others and think “How lucky they are?” at that time we are actually insulting our blessings. If you think your neighbor’s life is better than yours then please go and cross-check with them may be they also think in the way because for everyone the grass is greener on the other side 🙂

Grass is Greener


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