Being Father !!!

Today is the happiest day of Arun’s life, he has become the father of a girl. He was waiting for this happiness from a long time. Although he is already a father of a boy but he always wanted a daughter. He is singing loudly “Mere ghar aayi ek nanhi pari”.

After 3 years 

Now responsibilities of Arun are increased, his little fairy “Meera” is 3 years old. She will start going school this year. He is working hard day and night as he wants to give his family best things, but he doesn’t have time for family. Meera was upset with him as he was not present on her birthday party. Arun hardly gets time food, shaving is out of the question. Sometimes Meera got scared when he looked at him. He knows that distance between him and the family is increasing but he doesn’t know how to manage all the things? After all money is important for a good life. he doesn’t know when he spend time with Meera last.

Arun is coming back home late at night 12 o’clock. He is feeling drowsy due to tiredness but he has to drive the car no other option is available. Suddenly a truck came in front of her car. He pulls the break and saved a major accident. His heart is beating fast, he is thinking “What will happen if I died?”. He realized that he is missing real things in life. He came home and told everything to the wife. He hugged Meera tightly, she is surprised and said, “Who are you?” Arun is shocked and thinking “Why she said that?” and looked into the mirror “Oh..I am looking so lost and this beard”. Beard is keeping him away from his child.  He decided first task of the morning “shaving”. Meera is happy now, she gets her loving father back.

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