Lies Leads To Confusion

My roommate Mitali was in love with Shyam. We all belong to the same place Mandla, but Shyam’s parents shifted to Jabalpur. Mitali’s parents were very strict. They didn’t like Mitali’s relationship with Shyam. On the other hand my mother was always very cool and friendly with me, I share all secrets of mine with her. I told her about Mitali’s relationship and the problems that she was facing at her home.

After our 3rd semester exam was ended, we (me and Mitali) decided to go home. We had only the option of bus to travel to Mandla. Semester break was a month long and Shyam was upset that he has to stay away from Mitali for a month. He decided to come with us to Mandla to drop Mitali but Mitali refused as it was very risky. He tried to convince her by saying,”I will back from the Mandla Bus stand only. Nobody will know about it”. I also said Ok, so Mitali said yes. When we reached Mandla, Mitali’s alight before me as her house arrived early . My home was nearby bus stand, thus me and Shyam alight at bus stand. It was cold December days so I offer Shyam to have tea at my home. After lots of convincing he said yes, but he put a condition that I should not reveal his identity to my mother. I told him that my mother is cool, but he didn’t listen. We arrived home and my mother opened the door.

Me : “Hi Mom.. This is Rahul and we are classmate.”

(I lied as I promised to Shyam)

Shyam : “Namaste Aunty. It was late so I thought I should drop her home”.

Mother : “Namaste Beta.. Its ok but Vartika you never told about him”.

Me : “Actually I didn’t know he was also from Mandla. We met in Bus only”.

(My heartbeat was getting faster as I was not habitual to lying)

Mother : “Oh ok.. Come beta have tea”.

Mother brought us some tea

Mother : “So beta where do you stay in Mandla”.

Shyam : “Aunty, my father was shifted to Jabalpur two years. I came here to meet a friend”.

Me : “Come on Shyam.. have tea”.

Slip off my tongue and all finished

Mother : “Did you say Shyam? Is he Shyam? Mitali’s boyfriend?”

Shyam was shocked.. almost reached to coma. I was confused and thinking, “Now how will I manage this mess”.

Shyam : “Aunty, I have to rush.. Need to complete some urgent work”.

He gave me a scary looks and rushed quickly.

Mother : “Is he Rahul or Shyam? What’s going here?”

Me : “He is Shyam”.

I told her whole story.

She laughed and said,”Why did you lied?”

Me : “I had no option”.

I smiled and say thank you to god for giving me such a wonderful mother.

This post written for Kinley 2014 TVC


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