5 Reasons to Watch PK

Well I like the movie, in fact I think it’s a must watch. Five reasons that give this movie place in my favourite list :

1. Aamir khan : Once again Aamir proved that he is the best. I think he believes in competing with himself. The child like innocence (especially cute baby like eyes) and the Bhojpuri accent combo is perfect.

2. A Riot of laughter : First half of the movie makes you laugh until your stomach hurts and the best part is the director tries to pass a good message through jokes. As these days most directors think that laughter could be created through double meaning jokes only, this will set a good example.

3. Family Entertainer : Whenever my family gathers in a festival or functions, we always plan to go movie. These days its getting hard to decide the movie, as almost all movies are like “Poori family dekh sakti hai par alag alag baith kar”, but PK is different you can go with family and enjoy together.

4. Nice Concept : People are comparing PK with OMG but I think they are different, messages are similar that’s why it seems alike. The director tries to describe how aliens(or newborn child) will see our world and our culture.

5. Not a single moment of boredom : The music is also good, I like the romantic song picturized on Anushka and Sushant. The Second half of the movie is a bit emotional but it didn’t bore me. Actually it makes me think that “Can we change the mentality of people around us?”


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