Kaise Banega Swachh India?

These days one topic is grabbing attention “Swach Bharat”. One thought that came to mind, are people really working for this campaign or it’s just a hype? Honestly, If any poll would be conducted for the same people will surely say it’s a hype. As many bollywood stars and PM Modi are connected to it, these things are grabbing attention. Looking it into another way, there is no harm in it. It doesn’t matter whether people are doing it for publicity or for genuine reasons, until it is for a good cause.

Why the success of “Swach bharat campaign” is so important?

1. The Roots of deadly epidemic disease – Primary reason of many diseases. These diseases can happen to anyone not only to the under privileged people, if you are keeping your house clean, but there is a drain blockage nearby then you can be a victim of malaria or dengue. The layer of faecal contamination in rivers and other waters is not just a human risk but other species will also effected, threatening the ecological balance of the environment. We all are responsible for this filthiness so this campaign is our moral responsibility.

2. We are topping the chart – Go to google search and type “top 10 dirtest cities or countries in the world”, there will be no single list that excludes India. Getting famous is good but getting notorious will never help. The reason for this problem is the mentality of the Indians. During my visit to Singapore, we have a group six friends. Some of them have a habit of throwing trash on the public places in India but they control this habit in Singapore as they fear of being caught and fined by the cop. We often say that mentality of Indian is hard to change but I think it can change if we have proper rules with proper implementation.

What we can do for it?

Well, Charity begins at home. First and foremost thing we need to change ourself, if you are doing anything wrong you can’t question others. We have to change our mentality,if we are using any public place or transport, please make sure that we are not giving any contribution in spreading trash. Secondly, stop your family and friends while they are disposing waste material in a public place. I want to share incidence happen with me, 2 months before swach bharat abhiyaan was launched :

There is a famous temple of God Ram at the place called Orchha near Jhansi. We have been to this place sometime back with family. Suddenly my mother has dropped a trash on roadside, there was a dustbin nearby but she didn’t notice it or we can say that she ignored it completely. My brother was observing all this ahd he said :

My Brother(Nikunj) : Mom, why you dropped trash on the road? dustbin is placed nearby put this trash on it.

Mother : It doesn’t make any difference, I have already dropped it on road. Now I can’t pick it. Let it be there only.

Uncle interupted in between : I think Nikki is right, you should not drop that trash on the road.

Mother : Look around everyone is doing the same thing. There is more trash around dustbin than inside it.

Nikunj : So we also do the same, this is wrong.

Nikunj picked up the waste and dropped it inside dustbin. My uncle appreciated this act and I got the lesson that “When you realize anything is wrong, say it”

I am not saying this incidence has changed my mother’s mentality, but atleast my brother has raised his voice. Sometimes only thing we need to do is to “Speak Up”. One step taken by you can create the difference. You have clean your sweet home many times, now it’s time to clean the country which is also part of your house. For participating in this campaign you can join hands with NDTV also, for further details check out this link http://swachhindia.ndtv.com/


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